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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Who is Nemesis


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well it might be a guy named Matt which we can conclude from the movies or it could be a guy named Billy which can be concluded from the comics *info* previously mention in this thread i dont know anything about the comics
or it could be a clone of Sergei


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since the game came out before the film, matt can't be him..there was no mention of any matt in the games so its left undecided as to who he is.

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Or maybe he is just a guy who had the right genes for the project.


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It could have been a tyrant clone using blank embryo cells or something and just inserted the virus to make something new. So maybe it wasn't an actual person before it turned into Nemesis. I don't know. Just a thought.


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Lool. I have said this hundreds of times, but Nemesis was created using a clone of Sergei Vladimir

Thanks to his possession of a compatible genetic code for the Tyrant, Sergei was elevated to highly influencial positions within Umbrella. A total of ten clones were manufactured.

Four of these clones were most likely sent to Umbrella Europe, as part of their research on the NE-alpha parasite and the Nemesis Program.

A total of four T-103 Tyrants were imported for usage as test subjects and the parasite was implanted into the spine of the T-103's. Once inside, the parasite immediately began to catalyse the T-virus cells in the body and began its invasion of the brain. A new brain was formed behind the original and took over the initial tasks of the original brain. The NE-alpha also greatly enhanced the speed and healing ability of the T-103 while giving it the intelligence unlike that seen in any B.O.W. created by Umbrella.

All four T-103 models were inplanted with the NE-alpha parasite. However, one of them maintained the capability of independent thought and attempted to escape. This marked the first time that the research team would see the impressive enhancements of the NE-alpha first hand. The subject was later reacquired and destroyed, with the remaining three models having their intelligence limited. The NE-alpha was officially given the title of " Nemesis", with the surviving T-103 models being renamed as "Nemesis T-Type", after the Greek God of Vengeance. One of the models, the Nemesis T-02 was later deployed via helicopter into Raccoon City to test its capabilities in live combat. In addition to this, its primary mission was to eliminate the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S., a mission that gave the Nemesis its name in reference to Umbrella wanting revenge against S.T.A.R.S. for destroying the T-002 and the Arklay Research Facility.

The clones were used to create T-103's that were later sent to


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Well it could have been that Billy started in a Boxing career, got married and had kids, then happens what happened in the comic....yeah.


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Well, from what i read (i aint saying its true, but it seems logical), Umbrella would kidnap many homeless people laying around the street in Europe(to them they were people who wouldnt b missed when gone) so after kidnapping all these people they would use different parts of the bodies and sew them togehter (hence the reason why nemesis is all stiched up), THEN they would you the brain that has been infected with the NE parasite and allow the brain to control the body and since it has soo many parts it would allow him to have more corporal mass and strength.


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bruno;23938 said:
"Naturally, I was planning to use the female specimen. With her unusual ability to survive, she could endure the Nemesis prototype for a long time. Even if we failed, we would lose nothing."

I knew it! So THAT'S where Rebecca went...
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