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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Who is Nemesis


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T103 Tyrants implemented with the NE-α (nemesis a) parasite become the Nemesis Type.

ETA - Sergei's DNA was compatible with the T-Virus in making Tyrant types, so I suppose Nemesis by proxy could be just Sergei Tyrants implemented with the nemesis parasite.


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Nos meus tempos de criança, todo mundo falava que o Nemesis era o barry XD e eu acreditava! hehe


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I mean, who was nemesis (in the game) before he/she became nemesis. I really think he was wesker (if we only view things out up to RE 3). I mean by RE3 plot, wesker was dead. He was only revived by the time of RE:CVX. That means the plot now contains a big hole. If we use wesker report 1 as a basis, that he was revived by the wonder virus given by William Birkin, then why on earth Umbrella was still researching all this subordinate viruses. So, i think the revival of wesker sort of screwed nemesis's past.
In RE2There's actually a report of a guy in the sewers I think" who dropped c4 and a detonator, I believe the report made mention of sunglasses so well, yeah, wesker was canonically alive in RE2 and RE3 takes place at the same time, so, x key y door.


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Probably just a random subject, but I just (literally at this very moment) had a thought, dose Hunk appear after RE3 in cannon)? I mean it's just a fun thing to think about. Maybe Mr.Death chased your ass through the city.
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