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  • Hey there man...Did your name on here used to be B. Gluch?
    Nah, the only other name i have had here was captain courageous but that didn't last lol.
    i do think i recall that name though but i am probably just confusing it with halo. :p
    No, there was DEFINITELY someone on here with that name...I'm just trying to remember who...He is/was a regular...
    i swear there was a friends list here before.. apparently i like to follow people now xD
    Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say that I really like your avatar. :D Aurora Borealis , right?

    *clears throat* Sorry that was really random - I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really like your avatar. :D
    Thanks :D Yea i figured it would be stale next to ALL THE OTHER DBZ MUSIC VIDEOS that are out there (and theres alot) but very rarely do they actually follow a story line. Most just pin point melody with action scenes regardless of saga.

    I appreciate it though i'm glad you liked it :D

    I love the Frieza saga and the Cell saga, probably the anticipation of Super saiyan it what made it so intriguing for me. Because Vegeta was so hell-bent on achieving it, Goku who had no idea he was even from a different planet gets their first. Such a great story lol (if i remember right?)
    Hoady I think you must have forgot our rules... You can't have unspoilered animations in your signature.
    I think that perhaps something isn't working right, because I can not see who gave it unless they leave their name as part of the comment. I don't know if it's just me or if some other members experience the same. Yes I got your comment, but there was no name in it.
    Apparently more posts adds to the rep power, but I'm also pretty sure that the more rep you get the more power do you get.
    Hi there! How are ya doing?
    I'm trying to figure out who was so kind and generous to give me unsigned rep 11 hours ago. The only thing that makes you a possible suspect is the rep power (6), few can give out that much, and if it was you then I guess your post count explains your rep power. Plus, your "Last Activity" was around that time.
    Haha, if I get really desperate in catching up with you, I can always delete a bunch of your posts. :p
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