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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Should this be remade?


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If it goes classic hell ja but its not going to happen because there being bastards with number 2.

The Maltese Falcon

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I don't know whether I'd like to see this game be re-made. I really like the fact that it's a classic game. It's already been made for the Gamecube. I think game developers should let it be.

I'd hate for them to remake it like Resi 4 and Resi 5, that would seriously suck. I don't think the graphics need changing either, even for PS1 standards, they were pretty awesome.

So, I guess I think it should rest in peace.

La Femme Fatale

The Queen
The Maltese Falcon;40839 said:
I'd hate for them to remake it like Resi 4 and Resi 5, that would seriously suck. I don't think the graphics need changing either, even for PS1 standards, they were pretty awesome.
I can't see it being remade in the style of 4 or 5. They'd probably stick to what they did with the actual REmake.


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Honestly what i think Capcom should do is just remake both 2 and 3, package em together and release em for PS3/360. Best way to please the fans. Just dont make em a rail shooter ~.~


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o H a d e SsS o;42712 said:
completely agree with you, i suggested that, (possible in this thread)

Well I'm glad that aint the only one with this idea =D. Hopefuly capcom will do something like it ~.`~ lol


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Honestly I would be interested to see a RE2 or RE3 remake with updated visuals and I liked the idea of the two games combined into one game. I also think if they did make it (the RE4 and RE5 style) that they would have to make it so there was a HUGE emphasis on conserving ammo and health. So you couldn't go around blasting everything and have the intense action of so many enemies on screen pursuing you like in the RE4-5. Just new graphics and the camera of RE4-5 could be interesting.


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They should remake RE3 with a big city and you can choose your way out of there (like in Outbreak) depending on what parts of the city you visit, the game progression changes. Of course, the remake should include Brad, Carlos, Nicholai, Mikhail and Nemesis. The city should be a mix between RE2, RE3, Outbreak and some new areas. They should foccuse on Jill's motives to stay in Raccoon city the UBCS, what happened to STARS after the mansion incident, etc.
It'd be fun if they mix some events of RE3 and RE2. I mean, Nemesis attacking Leon/Claire, Birkin attacking Jill/Carlos, Jill finding Marvin, Jill finds Ada, etc.
Also, Jill and Carlos should be more together, and only separate when they have to (because of Nemesis, or for Jill to goes through a tight passage, etc), because, if i was stuck in the city and i found another survivor, i'd stick with him/her.
Cool idea. Maybe there's a chance they probably end up finding one of of the Outbreak characters (Kevin, Alyssa, etc.). Also, their scenarios can be purchased through DLC or by unlocking one each by doing requirements.

Mista Cassla

They will probably remake it just like they are remaking all of the Halo's, except maybe they will wait almost 20 years to do every game cuz thats about how much time it took for this last remake lol


All About Video Game Challenges
Resident Evil 3 is my favorite RE game and maybe favorite game overall. I would like to see this and it will be done fore sure if RE2 Remake sells well. There is still that potentially perfect scenario of both RE2 and 3 being in one game pack (but highly unlikely for economic reasons).


I would really love this!!!!
Can we start like a petition or something? How do we raise hype for this idea? I'll sign it 29495056 times :p
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