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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Should this be remade?


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This is one of my favourite Resident Evil games, and now with the news that Resident Evil the original version and Resident Evil Zero are both being remade for the Wii, I feel a little disappointed.

I would have liked this to be remade, or Resident Evil 2, a couple of the older games, I think they would be much more fun, especially with all the spruced up graphics.


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Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero aren't being remade, they re simply getting ported onto the Wii. They have already been released in Japan for quite a while and its simple the REmake and RE0 tht was released for the Gamecube in 2002. As for Remakes, I would love a RE3 remake but I believe if any game should be remade it should be RE2 in all its glory.


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I think it would be great, maybe rework the layout of the town a little bit like they did with the mansion for the gamecube remake of 1


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ya thats true but personally i have never really gotten the chance to beat RE3 so if any of them i would like this one to be remade cause i was able to play it only a couple of times and i never got far.
i've beaten resident evil 2 so many times it is just boring now expecially only being in like 2 different settings


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weskerfan;29905 said:
lets just get to the piont.


i second that motion.
but give us new ones as well finish off what happens to the others.
PLEASE CAPCOM... i'll suck someone off if they do that


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Trinity;30849 said:
sure you are wesky.

is wesker hot??? also did anyone notice the mysterious english accent he developed for every game that wasn't RE1 origenal? wtf?


Chief Researcher
They should remake RE3 with a big city and you can choose your way out of there (like in Outbreak) depending on what parts of the city you visit, the game progression changes. Of course, the remake should include Brad, Carlos, Nicholai, Mikhail and Nemesis. The city should be a mix between RE2, RE3, Outbreak and some new areas. They should foccuse on Jill's motives to stay in Raccoon city the UBCS, what happened to STARS after the mansion incident, etc.
It'd be fun if they mix some events of RE3 and RE2. I mean, Nemesis attacking Leon/Claire, Birkin attacking Jill/Carlos, Jill finding Marvin, Jill finds Ada, etc.
Also, Jill and Carlos should be more together, and only separate when they have to (because of Nemesis, or for Jill to goes through a tight passage, etc), because, if i was stuck in the city and i found another survivor, i'd stick with him/her.


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i think they should remake it but with the camera angles. no over the shoulder stuff i love the old game play it made it the game what it was.


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I agree. If they do remake it, they should leave in the old camera angles. But it might be difficult to shoot enemies with the Wii remote because of the angles, Unless they remake it for gamecube which is very unlikely. Or they could give you the option to choose from over the shoulder and original angles.

Jill Valentine S.T.A.R.S

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I'd love them to do a proper remake of Nemesis, they could stick with the RE4 cam for it (not keen on the rail-shooter cam of chronicles) they would just need to make sure to stick to Survival horror and not fall off into the survival action realms with it and I would definatley buy it :)


Jupiter Jazz
Id buy it too haha :p but its funny when you think of Resi4 an Resi5 there really not as scary as the older games haha.
I think they would be more scary if you didnt have so much health everywhere so you had to be careful,proper survival horror.
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