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  • Happy 22nd Birthday my dear wifey! :D
    I would started a thread for you if there was any chance of you seeing it.
    You didn't answer my previous message. And I miss you. :(
    I hope you will come back.
    Oh shizznit... I missed yer birthday. Well... happy belated birthday! I was probably inactive that month. -_-o
    Trinity! :eek: I watched a documentary on Swedish TV4 and I can almost swear you were in it! It was a documentary about people searching relatives, it was people from Serbia in it and also other countries. Sadly I didn't watch it from the beginning because I was asleep until some pretty blonde looking exactly like you appeared on the screen. By then the film was about half finished. I'm confused and not sure what you (if it really was you, I'm not 100% sure) did there. I hope the documentary will be aired again.
    Have you been in a film or do you have a clone of yourself out there?
    Republic of Macedonia or just Macedonia it doesn't make any difference. Besides wikipedia is not an official source.

    Anyway, it might be hard some times but I try not to judge someone by his nationality. There are good and bad people to all nations. :)
    Hey, how's it been goin'? Haven't heard from ya in awhile. Growin' out of the forum?
    Happy New Year! We miss you. Come back!
    Do you celebrate Orthodox Christmas?
    I checked out that link, and it doesn't seem to be real or at least the full game. Its far too small in size to be a full pc game.
    Hey Trinity :). How are you?
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