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Oct 22, 2012
Mar 13, 2010
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January 29
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In my own Head, It's Alright they know me Here.
Graphic disigner, Photographer and Model


The Pro Zombie Killer, Female, from In my own Head, It's Alright they know me Here.

Life is a lot like photography, we develope from the Negatives. Jun 11, 2011

ProtoTypeRaavyn was last seen:
Oct 22, 2012
    1. La Femme Fatale
      La Femme Fatale
      I missed your pretty face ;)
    2. AgentHUNK
      Happy belated Birthday. Just noticed it. I would have posted it on time, but I have had a lot of heavy stuff on my mind lately.
      1. ProtoTypeRaavyn likes this.
    3. Soul Of Faith
      Soul Of Faith
      let me thank you for the great Sig u made for my
      i have already asked you to make another pic for my ;)

      if u want to.....
    4. La Femme Fatale
      La Femme Fatale
      I just saw those pics you posted in the SMYF thread and you're sooo beautiful Raavyn! Just sayin' aha
      1. LordGolbez and tremor like this.
      2. ProtoTypeRaavyn
        Oh my god! Thank you. *Blushes* Now, you got my tounge tied. lol
        Jun 14, 2011
    5. ProtoTypeRaavyn
      Life is a lot like photography, we develope from the Negatives.
      1. LordGolbez and tremor like this.
    6. ProtoTypeRaavyn
      In Everything we Do, we Define ourselves.
    7. domino29
      Hey Raayn, y'know that Sig you made for me? It stopped working. I tried to reupload it from the photobucket link you sent me but it says Internet Explorer Is Not Available. I was wondering if you could re PM me the link to it.
    8. Pancham Cutie
      Pancham Cutie
      Thank you Raavyn.
    9. Romero
      So your birthday is today? Happy Birthday love! :D
    10. Magnolia Grandiflora
    11. Magnolia Grandiflora
      Magnolia Grandiflora
      Just saw your new sig while roaming the forums and I thought I should come by and tell you how awesome I think it is! Probably my favorite from you and, with how great all your work is, that's really saying something. :D
    12. Edge Stylez
      Edge Stylez
      Thanks for your request
    13. Kevin Redfield
    14. Kevin Redfield
      Kevin Redfield
      Resident Evil Roleplays is an Roleplay group. It's here on RE and it's up to you. You can make it whatever you want.:)
    15. Kevin Redfield
      Kevin Redfield
      Oh I'm sorry to bother again but I have another favor. Can you make something for the new corporation I created for my Roleplay "Resident Evil: Déjà vu?

      I love my new siggy it's great:). If you don't want too I understand.

      Head of Security
      Lt. Kevin Redfield
      Division Corporation.
    16. Kevin Redfield
      Kevin Redfield
      For my siggy can you have it have the letters they used for the movies? Because I love those letters. And for the background, surprise me. Have it say "What doesn't kill you, will just make you stronger."? :D
    17. Kevin Redfield
      Kevin Redfield
      No I don't sorry.
    18. Kevin Redfield
      Kevin Redfield
      Hi LordGolbez told me that you can make cool pictures, I was wondering if you could edit this one picture that I have as my Siggy and Profile picture.
      Can you please make his hair brown and make his shirt grey?
    19. LordGolbez
      :lol: Yeah That's Jag For Ya:lol:

      Thank You:D
    20. LordGolbez
      Happy New Year Raavyn! Have Fun
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    January 29
    Home Page:
    In my own Head, It's Alright they know me Here.
    Graphic disigner, Photographer and Model
    ║▌│█║││▌║█ ║▌║│║▌
    With the words the Cross teeth and Jump lips.

    A few things you need to know.....

    ..Overly friendly..
    ..I love zombies!..
    ..I collect My Little Pony's and Harliquin Dolls...
    ..Love me or Hate me, you will NEVER forget me :D..
    ..I am underestimated, but I like it that way.<..
    I am A total geek.
    I am overly Emotional And fragile.
    When I fell in love It became an obsession.
    I can read between the lines.
    I care too much.
    I am A cat person.
    I have an obsession with Micheal Myers.
    And the color Lime Green.
    I love to get Scared.
    I believe the world has a LOT of changing to do.
    I hate sitting at home all day.
    There isn't a worse city in the country than Adrian.
    I HATE Scene Girls and what they represent.
    I hate people who only think of themselves.
    I think the golden rule should apply to everyone.
    I believe the Male Population is way to concerned with pooping.
    I believe that everyone has some good in them, even if it is too buried to EVER see it.
    I don't understand why everyone has a problem with anime showing tits, but it is perfectly fine to have movies with 5 minute long tits, ass, and cock scenes..
    I give people changes, that don't deserve it.
    I wish I was then, how I am now. Things would have went a lot differently.
    I don't believe everyone should have the right to reproduce.
    I hate people who use myspace to seem cooler than what they are. Be yourselves people!
    I love Foamy. If you don't know who he is, you should look him up.
    I am Scared of Bunnies and Garden Gnomes.
    I WILL own a Spinx and a Min Pin one day, just wait and see.
    ゙(゚、 。 7
     l、゙ ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ​

    Music, Steampunk, video games. I am An Alternative Model.