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Kevin Redfield
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  • Thanks, I will create the new discussion with the zombies/monsters in it in a couple of minutes.
    Hey, I am really excited that there is a new rpg in the forums, and i think that creating the rpg in a group is better as it won't get pushed down by other threads. I have already posted two characters in the group that I would like to use. I would use these characters one by one, but they cross paths sooner in the story. Is it okay if I make another discussion giving a few enemies in the rpg? This would spice the rpg up and make it more funner. I have created a few zombies/monsters.
    hey can I join your RP social group? ^^
    Aye if you got a 360 and re5, gimme your info. I'll play mercenaries till I die.
    Hey Kevin!Can you make friends with this member called Jei?He`s new and needs some more friends.Can you?(I already made friends with him too.)
    I'm not entirely sure, I don't know much about Kevin...It would be very interesting to say the least, no? :lol:
    Sorry about the delay - I've been working and what-not, but I have been working on my character profile and it'll be up as soon as humanly possible. :D
    I'm thinking this Elochai guy will either say he doesn't care about Umbrella anymore and will tell me not to worry... or his men will tackle me and handcuff me or something. Just gotta wait on him. You two should make your way to the front of the RPD, the kennel isn't very close. ;)
    Me and the other guy are at the entrance to the RPD, right when I opened a door, a dog jumped me from behind. I just took a while to respond, lol.
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