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  • You wish i was your cousin? Thanks sis...
    Lol...so many compliments...i don't know what to say, other than youre cool and awesome too...and from looking at your avatar you look kind of like Sonya from Mortal Kombat...
    Thanks!:DNah i don't look like Sonya she's waaaaaay prettier then me.^.^ Speaking of Mortal Kombat, who's your favorite character?:)
    Liu Kang...I think he just kicks some major but...
    WASSUP? new resident evil has mr x, but i've mentioned that in like all my posts, but dam im exited for MR X!
    how yah been? whatcha up to?
    The Chris and Lara pictures are from a website called Deviantart.com its like Mod, they have all game characters. I mean pictures that never seen before like example :
    Dante (Devil may cry) and jill valentine together.
    Chris and Jill kissing together
    Sheva and Chris together
    Chris & Excella kissing/ together.
    Chris and Lara Kissing/together (that you already seen) :D
    Leon and claire together
    Wesker and Rebecca together.
    or Leon and Chris or wesker and chris together :lol: yeah weird aye.
    its not just together pictures, there are also character pictures individualy. they have restricted ones but you need to regester to look at those, but since your 12 years old , well.... wait till 6 years.
    you can check the website if you like. (if you see a white picture with a white line in the middle of the grey circle, its restricted ones. you cant view it.)

    The picture I send you with Wesker and Rebecca picture is from a site called Photobucket.com
    No its just a Fan made, just making everything up thats all. its not real. But I think that Chris and Lara really do suit together.
    Theres another one I saw, its with Wesker and Rebecca together. and it looked real 2 :eek:
    Whao! hehehe, nah thats ok, let the two have their own space, they were suppose to destroy T-0400, but Ill kill it myself. :D I like fighting monsters alone. I got one weapon to destroy... the Kypton :lol::lol::lol:
    :D...its not the first time that he makes me faint...;)
    hmmm...so you like Rebecca!! she is good and nice pretty girl:)
    hehehe, Nah nah, its not only me that likes chris is another game character that likes him 2 and plus they went out :eek: :lol:
    Hahaha! good question. uh... Correct me if Im wrong but I think it might be the pretty eyes and silky hair. carlos is the same but I think its slighty diffrent same as kevin but thicker and chris.. well its just short and bit spikey looking. :unsure: what do you think?
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