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  • Yeah aye, well thats how the game goes and with Capcom reating the story, theres nothing much to say but Leon worring about Ada. its the same thing with the movie 'Degeneration' I though it was about Leon and claire themselves together doing whatever but it turns out (again) Leon worrying with another female character 'Angela'. Im a bit confused :D are they making Leon staying away from Claire and not interact together or what.
    :eek:Looks like Leon`s looks made u faint.:lol:I don`t think he`s cute,but he`s my favorite character,but Rebecca is my most favorite!:D
    Thanks.Your name is really really nice,so i decided to ask you.That waz very creative!:lol:And I see you love Leon.:)
    Thank you, really, for all the nice comments. Please, do keep sending me comments as you read on, it just makes me feel even better about my work :)
    Yeah, he is a prominent character in it. He gets even more screen-time later on. Just wait for the sequel, which I've started to write the opening scene of... it is based somewhat on Resident Evil 4 and Jensen Ackles is listed first in the cast!
    Is that manga? I've heard the word manga before but I don't know what it is. I guess it's a cartoon, or type of cartoon.
    I'm really glad you like my Resident Evil: Afterlife script, so far. Hope it's just as good all the way through :)
    Hi! How's it goin'? :)
    Your avatar is just so super cute, did you draw it yourself?
    Ok...maybe I can mix it up somehow. Like, what if the Ecliptic Express never occurred in RE0? Maybe the film could have Rebecca not having been on the train (she just got chased down to the Training Facility, then escaped and ran to the Mansion. That would make this film involve the characters escaping the mansion, getting to the Ecliptic Express, train doesn't take them to town but to a small cabin or something, cabin has a secret entrance to the Hive, they search through labs, get on an underground train that takes them right back to Mansion, take an elevator up to roof of Mansion, escape via helicopter after fighting Tyrant. I think it would actually be interesting if done correctly. Plus this would allow Billy to be in it...say Rebecca didn't meet Billy at Training Facility and they all met him on train. What do you think?
    Yeah, definitely. I would love to have some flashbacks of RE0's story. But, do you think it would be good to just have a flashback of Edward dying, not eating anybody. At the point that Rebecca talks to Chris, Jill, and Jonah, neither the characters (nor the audience) have seen zombies, let alone a corpse reanimating from human to zombie. So, I think there being a flashback of zombie Edward would spoil the fear of when the characters first face zombies. And Rebecca doesn't tell the others about Billy, so I don't think he'd be good for flashbacks. Do you think it would be cool if Billy just ended up in the next script that we make for the next film. For example, Rebecca could run into him again when she is trying to escape Raccoon City.
    Hi muffin, you're welcome. And my birthday was very nice, thank you. :)
    Sorry for the late response, I was away some days and it's taking me some time catching up on everything.
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