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  • ...well it was worth a shot, if you change your mind the offer still stands, i have no problem with fanatical pagans :p
    lol,let me guess your profile.it's a monster in silent hill,right?it's a classic enemy,but it haven't turned up as a monster in the silent hill 5.though that made me disapointed,yet the hero'action is so cool.you know that,right?
    Sorry it took so long to answer you lol.

    I haven't found my cat yet; I've come to the conclusion that either the pound got her or someone stole my damn cat. I do, emotionally, feel alot better about it except for the moments here and there that I think about her and how sweet she was to me. It's okay..I've decided that my next pet will be a puppy :lol: I'm going to take a break from cats for a while.

    Thank you for asking dear :) I appreciate your concern.
    true, but at least they should end the story with umbrella, then go to story backgrounds, like lost in nightmares.. u kno wwhat im saying
    Honestly All I have done with it so Far is cut out all the pics. I have been working on a flier for my Job, but I should be done with the flier either tonight or tomorrow, then I can start the real work on your Signature.
    Oh yes, and then After you Gett all that Stuff you get "Tweaks" for each setting, And tweaks for those Tweaks. Very Intracite.
    Yes, you Work a lot with Multiple Layers. Complicated but once you get the ball rolling things come to go a lot faster.
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