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  • "Barry its you great to see you, "I have to get back keep it real people ,Brad walks away behind the door again and into his somewhat hideout, I see Brad has not changed one little bit huh? Barry asks, you got that right partner Chris replied.
    Its a crying shame that Bravo team can not join us on this one, they will be missed Chris says looking down, "OK we
    "hey Rebecca, oh hi Barry, Rebecca gave Barry a smile. "Where the hell is Brad?, he is hiding in the back room, he promises he will make an appearance when we need air lifted to our destination ,Brad can be such an ass-hole some times," hey Brad get your ass out here Barry has arrived Jill shouted, a door creaked Brad enters hey everybody really busy back there,
    Chris can be seen reding weapons along side Jill also Rebecca is on hand as always checking medical supplys for the upcoming mission, when did Barry say he get here Jill asked Chris ,any time now jill, walks in Barry looking sort of nervous but also so happy to see his comrades, Jill walks over to barry and gives him a hug, followed by a hand shake from Chris, "
    !There stood Barry Burton gazing at his reflection, he almost thought that it was a stranger staring back at him,Barry shrugged at his reflection and walked away, 7 months had past since the mansion incident the phone call he received from his old buddy Chris redfield shook him slightly, maybe it is because Wesker made him lie or maybe because that was one hell of a mission, Barry gets ready to meet up with Chris.
    It's going great! I've been busy this past week with school, but this weekend was full of great ideas. Right now, the characters who are in the group are: Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Jonah, Richard, Forest, Rayna, and George Trevor (who they just found trapped in a hidden room). I have kept the characters who have been found together instead of them splitting up. The following people are dead: Edward, Joseph, and Kenneth. The following people are still missing: Barry, Wesker, Enrico, Jessica and Lisa Trevor (the characters don't know what has happened to them yet), and Brad (who is still with the helicopter). Right now, the story has a suspenseful, slow pace. Towards the last half of the script, it will have a more fast pace. I will PM you the parts of the script that you haven't seen yet soon.
    Yep I'm still a big fan of the movies :D

    Not much has been happening with me...I've had changes at work, and my ex won't leave me alone :lol: How have you been?
    Hi dear...
    I've run a light analysis through your work once again and there is something I wanted to tell you...
    Leon says: "… I’m just very, very sensitive."
    I really love this line...So true!!
    And then seeing Jill and Chris calling each other 'Honey' and 'baby' really makes me feel that these characters are really close...
    Wonderful job!!!
    This seems to be very promising...Now that I am addicted to your script I will surely wait for the next one...I am a true Leon fangirl!!! Good to hear that you are planning it on RE4. this means there will be many scenes of LEON!!! OMG!!!
    you've done a great job dear... you are good writer!!
    Im a fan!! I am totally happy to see the presence of Leon in your script...
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