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  • Exactly. Capcom must fire whoever let that dude take over Leon's place. Oh, if I ever meet him/her in real, I'll beat the schnitzels out of him/her >:I
    Yeah...I think that it would be helpful just to gain some ideas, but I like the script we have so far. But, other forms RE media doesn't hurt for inspiration. :)
    I actually don't really know...I like all of them. Claire and Leon are two of my four favorite video game characters. You are portraying them very well, so I like them. Steve is very true to his video game counterpart, so I like him as well. Alice is, well, Alice. :) She's just amazing in my opinion. I'm going to with Leon, though, because he has yet to be in a film, and this script makes it really cool because I finally get a glimpse of how he would probably be. He is very true to his video game counterpart (not overly emotional, but sensitive towards what is happening to him and his friends).
    Yeah...definitely. We could put the wish list for the cast right before the actual script begins. If you have any ideas...just tell me. Oh, I know one of the original characters I made up is a Spanish female on the Bravo Team. The name I came up with is Rayna Rivera. It's a name that I have been hoping any game would use, but never happened (as far as I know). The person I came up with for the Alpha Team is an African/American man named Jonah Riley.
    Oh...okay, I'll add that. Yeah, we are using the RE1, Code Veronica Chris...not RE5. I want the characters to look like normal people. I believe the characters' strength should be shown through their personalities and actions, not looks. :) I'll probably add the other STARS members' description when they are in the chopper. Do you think it would be a good idea to make up two characters (one for Bravo Team, one for Alpha Team)? I think it might be cool so that way if it were made into a film, it would give people something new/fresh to see.
    Yeah..definitely! You can help, especially since you are a great script writer! I started a rough version. It only shows the opening credits and opening scene with Rebecca running through the Arklay Forest towards the Arklay Research Facility (mansion). It then starts off a scene showing Chris at his desk in the RPD STARS Office writing a journal (the one seen in RE2.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Based On The Game By Capcom


    Out Of BLACK…CUT TO…

    A young, petite WOMAN with short, brown hair is seen running through the forest as fast as she can. This is REBECCA CHAMBERS. She is running from a herd of unseen MONSTERS. All that is heard is the whistling wind, the breath of Rebecca, the crackling leaves, and the moans of monsters. Rebecca gets to a large MANSION, which she runs into before slamming the door shut. The SCEEN GOES BLACK. With a MUSIC STING, a single TITLE appears, full across the blackness…Biohazard...

    INT – STARS OFFICE – Evening
    A MAN is sitting at his DESK. This is CHRIS REDFIELD. JILL VALENTINE can be seen at a desk opposite of his. ALBERT WESKER is standing by the FAX MACHINE, impatiently waiting for something. Behind Chris is a desk, but there is nobody sitting there. Chris is writing in his JOURNAL. Chris' voice FADES IN...

    CHRIS (written in journal)
    We've been receiving a lot of local reports about strange monsters appearing at random throughout the city. Bravo team was sent out last night to investigate.

    A FAX is sent to the fax machine. Wesker reads it. Wesker turns around.

    WESKER (to comrades)
    Bravo Team has not returned from their mission in the Arklay Mountains. We are being dispatched to investigate!
    Then you've got to watch the film...its awesome!! and the Diva sings really well...Fifth Element is one of my favorite films...
    Haha! Yeah...I hate that so many fans of the games hate the films. I, myself, am a hugely loyal fan of the video games, but I never once expected the films to be like the games. All I expected that it be about zombies, have the main characters from the games appear, and it not be a terribly made movie. I think people just like to complain. If it would have been exactly like the games, they would have complained saying that Anderson is uncreative and copied the games.
    Thanks for the frind request! It's good to find another fan of the films also!
    It's nice to have you back too. ;)

    You're working on the sequel before you're done with the first script? Or maybe the first script was finished? Maybe it's just the filming that has not started.

    All females dies? Aw. :( Well well, I guess you know what you are doing.
    Are you thinking ahead about a sequel already? Amazing! It's good to hear that the project is being worked on.
    Have a happy vacation!
    I know! So sorry I haven't been on... my degree is taking up a LOT of time! I'm rarely on this forum nowadays but I do still try to keep up... how are you? :D
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