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  • Play RE3, he's in one of the first cutscenes - he meets Jill in the warehouse, says his daughter got killed by the zombies and decides that he'd rather starve to death than be eaten so he locks himself in a truck
    I reckon if you can, bring the destruction of HUNK's team in... also perhaps we could add a better backstory to that fat guy from RE3 who locks himself in a van? Might be interesting to do.

    Maybe some Ada Wong stuff added in?
    That's better! Now there's more than just the sig. :)
    Hmm you're an unhappy student? Isn't student life for the most part good, or at leat okay? I want people to be happy. :ermm:
    Your "About Me" tab is one of the most empty ones I've seen... :p Only your signature lol.
    Do you have summer yet? Skåne (I think that's where you said you lived?) is far south. I think we just got spring here north.
    How come Umbrella and not the state are sealing off the city? I know Umbrella was into the weapon industry and also had their own secret weapon programme, but this can no longer be a secret if they use their private army to seal off a city. What are the government saying about a private army with tanks etc?
    You're right, no one would make traps there. How is it sealed off? Police/army roadblocks? Possible offroad access to the city?

    I don't have any other ideas at the moment.
    I love her lol, but that's because I'm a huge fan of Milla Jovovich. Alice is my favorite character in the movies anyways...since they had to kill off Carlos in Extinction :p That's the only thing I really didn't like about the movies.
    I love the films :D Back when they started showing the trailer for the first movie, I remember how excited I was. I was too excited about the fact that Hollywood was making a movie about my favorite video game, that I didn't care that it was so much different from the games. I think it's a good thing that they're not exactly like the games ;)
    If I get some made-up idea that I think is not rubbish then I'll let you know.
    Thanks for asking, but I don't think you know what a "noob" I am. My only first hand experience with the series is RE4 and I have not even finished it. :)
    Everything I know that isn't in RE4 are random things I've picked up from these forums. My knowledge over the RE series is like a puzzle where many small pieces are more or less correctly placed, but most of the pieces are still in the box. Very fragmented to say the least.

    And since the action takes place in Raccoon City I doubt anything from RE4 would fit into your story. Or what do you think?
    Hey :)! I'm sorry as well, I've also been bogged down with school committments etc. and I took a break from the internet.

    And yeah it's me, lol. I'd love to still be a part of it!
    just tell me what you need and I'll get it done. I work alot so it make take me a little bit though, so if you've got something that needs get done quick just give me some warning :)
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