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  • I love RE and RE4 about equally...of course when i say RE i mean REmake...though i do love the original...
    Ya i agree...i dont know why everybody hates her...frankly i like her better than Billy on 0...i just play as Billy more because his defense is better...
    Thanks! sorry i didnt know that...i just joined a few days ago...anyway ya Carlos is amazing and i want him to come back...though i dont suppose theres a call for him..
    Hey, you still can wish me a happy b-day even if we never met >:3 But thanks anyway ^.^
    Meh, I'm grown up now. Got only two presents, some money and my very own chipcard with lions on it xD
    I just got it from google image and I thought oh yeah I should choose it cause it reminds me of Mr. X. I havnt played Umbrella Chronicles. I wish I had Wii. :D
    Yeah girls are more better cause they dont get killed fast. I know that Kevin does. and yeah yoko is another favourite.
    HAHAHA! yeah, cause he's frekin annoying that for sure. I hate when he say's "My Life Is S**t" and if you command him, he sometimes say no or yes but he usually say's no and do something else for himself.
    Im not sure, to me I dont think, but I thought that Jim complains in the game cause he very much annoying.
    hehehe! looks like aye? here's the full picture.

    Yeah I should but Im not sure if they are here in stores, then again... they might be, but yeah, might try them out. sound yummy tho :lol:
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