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  • That's Good. Just A Bit Of Advice When You Are Talking To Someone Else Go To Their Page And Type Your Message Otherwise They Won't Know:D If You Have Any Questions Just Ask
    So, you've never joined a forum before?

    Well, basically this is a place where you can talk about resident evil with other fans of the series

    There are subforums where you talk for a specific RE game like the RE 2 subforum

    The Resident evil movie subforum where you talk about the RE movies.

    The RE general subforum where you talk about anything relevant to RE that doesn't suit to the rest of the subforums.

    And finally the general discussion where you talk about anyhting that doesn't have to do with resident Evil.

    You can view all of the subforums here

    When you are in one of the subforums above you can enter a thread by clicking on its tiltle and make your post there or you can create your own thread. There is a little box on the top left side of every subforum that lets you do so.

    I hope that this was helpful. :)
    Welcome! :D

    Sure! But what kind of help do you want?

    You can introduce yourself by creating a thread here
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