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║▌│█║││▌║█ ║▌║│║▌
With the words the Cross teeth and Jump lips.

A few things you need to know.....

..Overly friendly..
..I love zombies!..
..I collect My Little Pony's and Harliquin Dolls...
..Love me or Hate me, you will NEVER forget me :D..
..I am underestimated, but I like it that way.<..
I am A total geek.
I am overly Emotional And fragile.
When I fell in love It became an obsession.
I can read between the lines.
I care too much.
I am A cat person.
I have an obsession with Micheal Myers.
And the color Lime Green.
I love to get Scared.
I believe the world has a LOT of changing to do.
I hate sitting at home all day.
There isn't a worse city in the country than Adrian.
I HATE Scene Girls and what they represent.
I hate people who only think of themselves.
I think the golden rule should apply to everyone.
I believe the Male Population is way to concerned with pooping.
I believe that everyone has some good in them, even if it is too buried to EVER see it.
I don't understand why everyone has a problem with anime showing tits, but it is perfectly fine to have movies with 5 minute long tits, ass, and cock scenes..
I give people changes, that don't deserve it.
I wish I was then, how I am now. Things would have went a lot differently.
I don't believe everyone should have the right to reproduce.
I hate people who use myspace to seem cooler than what they are. Be yourselves people!
I love Foamy. If you don't know who he is, you should look him up.
I am Scared of Bunnies and Garden Gnomes.
I WILL own a Spinx and a Min Pin one day, just wait and see.
゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ​

Music, Steampunk, video games. I am An Alternative Model.
January 29
In my own Head, It's Alright they know me Here.
Graphic disigner, Photographer and Model




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