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  • Happy 21th birthday muffin!
    It's sad that it says "Last Activity: Dec 27, 2010". I hope you are well.
    I've been to southern Europe and I found that dry inland climate was ok with heat, humid is worse. But I was thinking getting rain a hot afternoon, like a refreshing shower.
    Hot rain sounds so nice, it's almost always cold or chilly when it rains here. And if rain comes with warm weather (rare), it will usually be thunder as well. That means no TV and unplugging all valuable devices from the power.
    Do you like the heat?
    I'm good except a little boredom. I didn't sleep very well so I'm a little too tired to find something meaningfull to do haha.
    Is it very hot in Arizona this time of the year?
    I feel great today! I've already done almost everything I planned to do today, and the skies are blue.
    Okay I see. But we're done with the hate since the responsible member was banned. :D
    Lol, nothing too serious. I thought you were going to post in that thread to say where I was right and where I was wrong, but if you're not going to do it then I hope someone else will revive the topic. :)
    OMG I always thought you're a guy...I kinda just took Kellyrose as a guy name...

    Anyways, ermm..I think I missed your birthday so Happy belated birthday =]~~~
    Kellyrose...this is a stupid and random question but...are you a girl??...cause your dp keeps me thinking you're a guy, and your profile is pink!
    Not that I don't like pink, I love pink myself =] I'm just wonderin'~~~
    Hi Kelly, you didn't reply to my post in the Av/Sig Game, so I don't know how bad or good my analysis is!
    You have later posted that you are Republican, and in fact I assumed you were!! I considered to say it but I didn't put that assumption in the post because nothing in your sig indicates it. Hehe. :)

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