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  • Hello, I saw one of your posts and wondered where have you been? I hope you're ok.
    Yes Sir!!!! :lol:
    nah yeah, Ill look into it then. Cheers hun :), Ill keep in touch with you If I need more help when I get my ps3 later on then maybe we can go one on one... 'Who Will Win?' ;)
    hehehe, I would like to but not just, yet cause I aint got a ps3 yet :( But... I will eventually and we can go one on one :)
    Actually I was wondering how many gigs you got on your ps3 cause some of them are rip offs. the more gigs the more expensive it its.
    we do both...but recently we have been trying to get pure S's!! even on veteran level! we got S's on veteran's level and i felt really proud! haha
    Nah I didnt even take much notice. No wonder it was difficult for me to complete it, but thanks for telling me that Ill keep that in mind :)
    YEAH I KNOW I TOTALLY AGREE! well idk it is kinda hard to choose...probably right now my favorite game is resident evil 5, since me and my sis have been playing it nonstop!
    Yeah sort of :) Im just tyring to complete all the difficulty in each character, but it gets harder & harder. Mind you with 7 characters (except Yoko) can only carry 4 items in a box, but I reckon that this is one of the hardest game in any other RE games on ps2.

    Decisions Decisions oh thats worst hehehe. oh man thats one of the hardest stage in outbreak. when I thought of it Im thinking " ah that's a cool stage, this might be easy for me to play like the hive stage" (yeaahhh riighhtt!!). :lol: that stage freaked me out when that creature in the back undies comes out of know where. next minute you go into a room or hall way or what ever then the monster comes in and starts running & chases you. Freaky boss.
    I'm very good, thanks for asking.
    oh ok not much posting for you, just a "see what happends" hehehe.
    yeah I do that sometimes. watching time to time, whos online or messaging, but when I come on here, man it gets new every min or two.. well yeah. :)
    Heya, dont see you much on here alot, or is it just me.. :lol: My bad sorry. how are you anyway?
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