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  • Its been a while man. Where have you been, if you see this.
    Hey,you`re the creator of that"Untitled"fanfic right?Keep up the great work!I want to see it till the end.:)
    Hey dude, thanks for the post on my story. Any kind of feedback helps.
    Hello, I commented on your large signature a long time ago. I don't know why you have not replied, but this is a gentle reminder. Please do something about it, thank you.
    Ohh that's cool. I was thinking of going to NY for college. I'm still not sure tho. Cali is nice tho. Alot of scenery if you're out on a road trip.
    Hello, how are you doing? Nice entries coming along. I had posted an entry that our characters meet.

    Where are you from?
    Since you're the RPG mod, I guess I'll turn to you... I'm still watching over this forum and so I ask you is it too late to join the RPG.
    Ergo Proxy!? NICE! Very awesome anime, but very weird. I got lost about halfway through it lol
    Hey dude, im about to start the rpg but you should join before the survivors meet up, i'd enjoy if you brought rose back :)
    its been quite a while degenerate.
    Trinity's been gone, same with valentine so iff you ever wanted to rejoin that rp its quite a little late.
    Hi! Cool avatar you have. ^_^ Is it a skeleton in armour?

    But why is your signature banner 1024 pixels wide? There is not that much room for images, so the page is stretched which means I have to scroll sideways all the time in order to read.

    If you insist on having a banner that wide, please use [ spoiler] tags.

    There's room for images about 750 pixels wide (a little more if you do not have a Xbox gamertag).
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