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  • sephiroxas i was wondering if you would please post in my thread should t virus come back or stick with gandos in the resident evil disscoussion thraed i would like to hear your opinion
    Sephi! what's up? howya doin'?
    Hey Sephi!

    Forum managing is... hectic! :p It definitely keeps me on my toes! I'm making things harder on myself by organising an opening for the Dead Space forum... what was I thinking? ^_^

    How's life treating you by the way?
    Thank you for putting our project in "Sticky" :)

    would you like to participate? You don't have to be in it, you can help with the story and give your opinions of what would make this the perfect Resident Evil Movie. :)
    it would be cool to have a Moderator on our side, lol. :D
    Hi Sephi!

    1. Ooh! I like the sound of that! I'll look into that for you. The only prob with the gallery software here is that it's a bit finicky - I can't always upload images via the web interface and have to resort to FTP uploads. If I can fix the web uploads then we're a go!

    2. Wish I could, Sephi, I'd love to not have to bother with the name changes but it's something that can only be done via the Admin CP. :(
    I checked out the links in your siggy. Your photobucket page is effing awesome! You did all those images by yourself? I like the bluish web background too. Sort of hypnotic haha.

    Is "Trolling A-Z" what you associate with me? Lol, I'll perhaps remove that from my sig.
    Hi Sephi! Are the rules updated? When I tried to check them yesterday, they were seemingly taken down? They're back up again now at least.

    I like your new blue theme, very nice siggy! I love it.
    I like your new avatar too, it's almost as great as the previous one. ;):D

    It's good to hear that your thumb is healing well. :)
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I had stitches on my thumb years and years back, and once I had them out I still kept it in a cast for weeks, haha.

    I hope it doesn't hurt anymore though. :)
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