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  • Tequila!!!! My dear, missed mistress! I jumped when I saw a post from you, could almost not believe you were back! How are you?
    Welcome back! xoxoxo
    Darling! Welcome back. :D
    So you're dealing with tourists? Tourists are usually relaxed, so I guess it's nice? Haha a hot Norwegian you say, but maybe he travelled alone because he needed a break from his wife? Nah you're right I'm just kidding.
    I'm doing good. Last night I did some work at my mom's apartment, replaced her shower and the glass walls, not sure what you call that thing. Not slept much this night but I'm surprisingly awake.
    Nice to have you here. xoxo :)
    I was supposed to be graduated in May of next year, but I've decided to do a double major so I'll around university for another year finishing up those credits. So I should graduate with two Bachelors in May of 2012, and then one extra year for my MA and I'd be officially done school aha
    I don't work during the school year - it was only during the summer when I was working and taking summer class at the same time. No plans for the holiday's yet... my last exam is on the 21st so unfortunately I don't have as long a break as most people do. :( Do you have any plans?
    Hey! I'm doing great, thanks, you? It has snowed a bit just today, but unfortunetly everything melts when it hits the ground - I don't think it's quite cold enough yet. Although I really could use a couple inches right now - I hate Decembers without snow!
    It's been too short compared to my penis. :lol:

    I'm ok. University - home - University - home -university - home! I couldn't ask for more. Well, I could ask but I'm fine for now!
    I'm so happy to hear you got the job! :D Congrats! What kind of work? Maybe you'll get more hours eventually, that's almost always how it turns out. But maybe you'll need a second job still.

    I'm not that active on the internet for the time being, I just log on here to check if everything is okay. I'm just not motivated for anything, I'm bored but don't feel like doing anything to combat boredom. Maybe the darkness play a role, we have not very much daylight now. And we just ended DST last Sunday so it's dark one hour earlier all of a sudden. I feel tired most of the time.
    Hi! Good luck with the interview! My birthday was good and thank you. I've not used MSN lately but I might pop up there some day. I'm ok. Thank you darling. :)
    So that's why you're not so much here, I hope you get internet access back soon. I'm a little bit less online now since I've started to play games again, and I give the forum priority over msn. But you might still catch me on msn if you're in luck. :)
    Hey! Have you been away? I've not seen you in a while. I'm fine thanks, today I'm helping my sister with some work on her house. How are you?
    I'm happy to see you. :wub:
    I actually got a few new games. One someone gifted to me on steam. The others, I didn't steal my sisters $50 gamestop gift card.
    Ive been house working and whatnot lol, things needed to get done lmao and quickly. I'm sorry though it will never happen again :D:D:D

    you know i'm quite the avid dancer myself....although you'd never see me on "so you think you can dance" if you know what i mean ;)
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