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  • Well hey there Nite, neen awhile, but though I would keep you updated anyway.:)
    Absolutely, it seemed a little 'dead' until we showed up.:) We are definately the T-Virus around there...
    It did?:)

    Kind of weird, but for a club it isn't very exclusive.....I think it said anyone can join....
    Hi darlin',

    I really don't want to turn a 'Did Wesker die?' thread into a 'Did Frodo die?' one, so I'm just going to post this here, haha. :lol:

    My LotR knowledge isn't as up to par as it used to be, but didn't Frodo die in the 'Undying Lands' or something to that effect? At least, I was always under that impression when I read it, haha.
    Also I just realized that the serum Wesker to regularly to keep his unstable virus balanced is not PG37 like we have been calling it, it is actually PG67-8W, or just PG67.:)
    Oh.....well when you play again look out for it, it is in one of the rooms, if I remember correctly it was the part where you see the first Licker on the ceiling.:)
    You know what I thought was really cool, was one of the computers in RE5, it was one that had some kind of files on there for you to read, one of the Umbrella computers not the Tricell ones, but anyway it started up just like the one in the original RE.:)

    That is one little detail in Capcom's favor.:)
    Yeah I hate that too....

    You may remember Harvey Dent was played by Billy Dee Williams in the 89 Batman...but it was changed to Tommy Lee Jones.:) Then with the reboot it was Aaron Eckhart....he was good though.:)
    Hey stop spamming my page.:)

    Yeah I thought it was funny, as I saw it on a T-shirt, unforutunately I wasn't clever enought to come up with it on my own....

    Hooray for Target and their witty and ironic T-shirts.:)
    it may accept you.
    seeing as you are active on this forum.
    but the others wont be so lucky.....

    the best part is,when you are accepted...you will be ny servant.
    isnt that great?
    Welcome to the forums! I wanted to ask you a quick question: How did you get that PS3 gamercard thing in your sig? I tried to get one but when I use my PS Network log-in it said that it was incorrect.
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