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  • Oh yes, i've been around, especialy around REF, but this is my other other RE home. Got some love for this place.
    Ah, sorry! Somehow your (older) comment was lost. Those exams were for labour studies.

    I haven't really been inactive... unfortunately I just haven't had a whole lot of intelligent things to say lately haha. :lol:

    Do you still have that PS3?
    Haha, I wish I could take credit for it but it was all Steve. :lol:

    I've been pretty good, you? Just finished my last exam last night (7:30-10:30 pm, great hours for testing) so I'm very happy to be able to chill out and enjoy the holidays now. What about you?

    Oh, and what new stuff is there on Revelations? I must've missed it!
    i have no idea!! lol we talked like 3 months ago!! anyways, how are you? do u celebrate xmas and if u are what are u gonna do 4 it?
    I liked the zombies more than the plagas. I thought they were creepier, and I am simply obsessed with zombies. I haven't played as HUNK in REUC, but I actually preferred playing HUNK's minigame on RE4 mercs than RE2's 4'th survivor. It has more of a mission feel then the 4'th survivor did, in which case you are desperate to escape alive. Though, in the 4'th survivor, I think it involved more thought and strategy. I wouldn't mind seeing a subtle blend of both, combining lateral thinking and gut-wrenching violence.

    HUNK is, of course, my favorite character. Chris is my second, I like his sense of Moral and his background in the air force and then the STARS team. Who're your favorites and why?
    Yes, we barely got by the reapers on veteran when I believe there were two or three - I can't even imagine what it's like on professional. I probably don't have the 'skillz' to beat it, haha.

    Did you manage to pick up RE 5 yet?
    Yeah, I am looking forward to playing more HUNK mini-games. I didn't care much for the action packed RE style that came with RE4, but with HUNK, it's cool playing as him, and feeling like a badass soldier, though, I do hope they add some more puzzles and locked doors in the next installment. What do you think of the Los Plagas & uraboros Vs. The original zombies $ crimson heads?
    Yep, I've beaten LIN on pro and DE on vet (pro is such a b!tch). I love them both though, we should give that a shot together too. :)
    oh so you have it it is just that u havent passed it. i havent played anoy of those games. aw jill got taken down....try 2 make a new one
    I have gotten a little heated during some of the debates, but I don't dislike anyone on the forum. Actually, I respect someone who speaks out about his/her opinion. Good to meet you Spike.
    I used BSAA and Battlesuit Jill for most of the levels (at least the earliest ones). Oh my goodness, the Shipdeck level made me die a little bit inside. I only managed to pass it with Tribal Sheva... once I hit 40000 points I just tried to avoid confrontation for a minute or so. It's not so bad when you're playing with a partner, but the amount of Chainsaw majini are just overwhelming.

    Ah, let me know next time you have access to a PS3!!!
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