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codename: HUNK
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  • I bet you are glad to get some HUNK action in Mercs for 3DS, that is assuming you plan on buying it?

    I kind of hope they port it to Wii, as I don't care about 3D, and I don't want to waste money on it(I will though).

    I'm anxious to see what new melee attacks they add, as well as what weapons he has. It would be cool if they gave him the MP5, as that is technically what he used, in the USF, not a TMP.
    Sorry for the late reply, I don't get on often enough.:)

    Well I have a special place for three characters, Chris, Jill & Wesker. I must admit, I also really like Spencer, as mysterious and behind the scenes as he is, the ultimate villian.

    Well Chris & Jill together are an amazing pair. Chris & Wesker is such a great rivalry, and well I'd go more into it, but I'm sort of pressed for time, but I do like discussing characters.:)

    What about voice actors, who did you like, and dislike?
    I liked 4th Survivor, in RE2, and UC was cool too, except they were lazy with the UC version, as they just reused HUNK from RE4, even used the TMP, instead of the MP5.

    I think RE4 had plenty of great puzzles. RE5 maybe had 1 or two ACTUAL puzzles, plus a little bit of investigating. RE4 had some great stuff though.

    As for Las Plagas, I loved it. It's just another parasite, the other being the Nemesis Parasite, and I like the ganados and even majini. Uroboros...was kind of lame. Nothing special really, it had it's moments, but basically, we've seen wormy/leechy stuff in RE, many times, and it didn't seem to choose people to live in the "new world", it just mutated them, not sure if there was really a point to it.

    I think there's more to it than just, zombies vs Las Plagas, but anyway, zombies were great, they are classic, though they could get a little dull, just in the way really, yet Crimson Heads were brilliant, a lot like the infected in 28 Days Later. Anyway, what did you think of all the mentioned stuff?
    Of course, nice to meet you too HUNK.:)

    Unfortunately our debate didn't follow too much on RE after awhile, but we can always talk RE on here.

    So obviously you like HUNK, are you looking forward to seeing him in Revelations? I hope Keith Silverstein supplies his voice again.
    Well Hi. Needless to say, a friend request was in the last couple of things I would have expected from you?

    Of course, debates such as those do allow for RE fans to really get to know one another.:)
    Yeah, I am on that site! I'm Weskerfangirl on there :) sorry if you posted this ages ago, haven't been on here in a while!
    How long have you been an RE fan? I'm about 9 years now, I think, and fave character is Jill, hence the username! I'm guessing yours is Hunk??
    Did just start a new thread if you're interested, about fave music. :)
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