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  • Working OK now? Did you do a forum upgrade/change? Forum looks good and all is well! THANKS!
    Hey Steve, how's it going?

    Anyway, I was just wondering if we could perhaps have a separate subsection for forum games soon? I think it's kind of getting to the point now where the general discussion board is starting to become overwhelmed by all the spammy game threads, I'm quite certain they've doubled in the past few days. :lol:
    Hello, I just wanted to drop in and Say Hi since we have never Met before. Oh and Kudos to you for making this Site. It's awesome
    does the graphics card effect the actual graphics?i havent heard of one.
    im pretty good.i just bought"prototype".its awesome!
    its way better than your typical "spider man" or "hulk" game.
    oi do you wanna team up? i need to play through the game again and get everything because my save was deleted and i lost everything.
    hi steve
    Im have not registed there now but im thinking in registring in the future when i got more fable games.
    But im an expert in fable 1. I played that game too much time. :)
    Yesterday i got shivering isles expansion for oblivion, very well made and i think its worthy the money.did you played this expansion?
    Hi Steve! I had to make a new account using Excella because my password wasn't working and the email wasn't working and was saying my email was invalid so I PMd a mod. It finally worked for me so if you could maybe delete that Excella account so I could have that name for this account, that would be awesome, but if you can't, that's cool, I will take ~Excella~ if it isn't taken.

    Thank you!
    Hi Steve
    I was in you fable forum in the another day but i didnt know it was yours.
    I only have fable the lost chapter for the old xbox, one of the best games for xbox 1, i think.
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