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  • Haha nooo farenheight. :p

    Same here, I took a year off to make some money and what not. Those sound like interesting classes! Hope you at least find interest and enjoy them. :)

    I'm not a 100% sure what I'll be taking. I would like to major in something for filmmaking. If not film then video games or criminal justice.
    Yeah I hear you! I have to start taking at least 4 classes in college for insurence. SOON.

    It's actually been pretty cold for Florida! The last few days the high was in the 60's and at nigh it's in the low 40's.

    So do you know what classes you are going to take?
    Hey Sexta! Cool! I didn't know you were registered on the Fable Forum! What's your username on there?
    Hey mate!

    I wish I had an Oblivion forum - Oblivion is like the best 360 game I've ever played! :D

    And I think the Mods section idea is great! I've seen some pretty cool mods for RE5 for PC and I think it'd be cool to have an area just for people to download new character skins, weapons mods and other stuff. Great idea!
    Hi mate! How are you? :D

    What do you mean by your question? Are you asking if I own more forums? If so, yes! I own:


    And a few others! :p
    That's cool! It would be funny to see the special one during his ordinary life! Also there was this portuguese player Paulo Sousa who also played in my team years ago. He was a good player. Too bad he had many injuries.
    I see. The only well-known greek player would be Karagounis who also played in Inter. I suppose you do know him and Katsouranis from the years they were in your rival team(I think), Benfica
    Panathinaikos FC if you have heard of! We are playing with Roma on Thursday(I think) for the Europa League. Man they will kick us hard! What's yours?
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