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  • Hey there Levan. I noticed you had a cool avatar of Chris from Darkside. Anyway, what did you think of the Redfields in the game?

    I personally liked hearing Roger Craig Smith playing Chris again, mixed with the REmake character model, on Chris' best game appearance, CVX, it was perfect.:)
    hey can u make chapter 2 of what if steve Burnside lived plz
    Right now my biggest goal is a good meal and the dream is coffee and a snack after. You gotta forget the big goals sometimes and focus on small things. :lol:

    Who's the dude in you av? Must be some RE5 guy.
    "I'm just an average high school student, but with big dreams for the future."

    ^ Haha I like your biography. Dreams/goals are a good thing and they cost nothing. :)
    Honestly dude. I'm not new, I've been here since 2007. I just haven't roamed the forums, been busy with life lol. I don't really mind if I get the 'position' or not. I don't get paid for it haha.
    Thank you for trying to diffuse the situation, I have to deal with high schoolers even in my job. :(
    Quite a few of them do make introduction threads- this one in particular got through because his ads and links were actually in his signature, not in his post. Ads like that are usually a dead giveaway though- that, and the bots seem to post either in the fanfiction section, or the RE 2 section. Haha, I'm not sure why but they usually keep to those two. :lol:
    Hi Levan,

    Just to let you know, that user who posted his introduction topic in the fanfiction board was a spam bot, which was why I went ahead and deleted it- incase you noticed the missing post or something, haha. ;)
    you havnt posted in the "Resident Evil: The Inbetween Series" thread for over a week.

    Im not trying to force you... but im curious and in the mean time fear that you (the only fan posting in the thread) have given up on it.
    I just released another part of "The Inbetween Series"! :)

    Claire Redfield is introduced in this part. :)
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