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  • Yep we can't see the sun these days. If I look at the right time, I might see it shine on a mountain and that's it.

    It's cold here but not as cold as you might think. The nearby ocean makes the climate warmer here. The ocean is not cold because it comes straight from the Gulf of Mexico. Siberia in Russia is much much colder.

    I'm more indoor at winter time, more lazy and watching more tv haha.
    Do you really have winter in Kuwait? I thought there was hot 12 months a year haha. Maybe you have some months with alot less heat.

    I live in Norway and this far north, not only the temperature varies alot from summer to winter: At summer we have very long days and short nights, actually north in Norway we have 24 hours of daylight at summer. And in the brightest month, June, we have midnight sun.

    And winter time is very dark here, short days and long nights. This time of year, we have only a few hours of daylight. We do not get sunshine here now, if I want to see the sun I'll have to go on top of a mountain. The darkest time is the last week in December, at that time the sun is always below the horizon, and the daylight lasts only about 4 hours. For about one and a half month we don't get sunshine at all.
    Ah! Didn't you say that somewhere before? I had forgot it. I know exactly where Kuwait is. :) ME = Middle East I presume?

    It sounded like you knew how winter darkness is like so I thought you lived in a winter country. And your English is so good that it sounds like it's your native language.
    I do like winter, it's just that it has its problems lol. Like slush and tiredness. But darkness can be beautiful. I do like it when it's real winter and not wet snow. And I hate the salt more than anything.
    But summer is still the best time of year.
    Yes it has been a while! :D Things are going really well for me lately..how are you doing?

    Oh, the plus beside peoples' names means that they are on your friends list :)
    Glad to have you back. :D I know RL can be busy sometimes. So you know Leonlover? She just returned also, so this is two cool members returning. :)
    I've been pretty good thanks, how about you? Thanks for accepting my request.
    Hi Bella! Did you leave us? I hope you'll return soon.

    I have edited your signature because the rules have changed while you were away. See the pinned topics in Raccoon City Police Department (General Discussion).
    Hello, I just wanted to stop by and say welcome and that I really love your avatar. :D Is it just from an unknown art piece or is it a character from a fandom of some sort? It's very intriguing.
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