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What are you thinking? (Part 2)


Her royal court joker
Our first thread was lost with the change to XenForo. Hopefully part 2 will have a better fate. :)
I'm pinning it temporary so that it's not getting lost on the last page or something. It may be unpinned when the threads get in correct order again.

CT = Current Thought or Currently Thinking.

It's a pity with all the lost content in those lost threads, but I hope what can't be restored can be re-created, and vice versa. I appreciate the work that is being done in this matter. Very much. :)
I'm thankful for many things. No natural disasters where I live.


4 itchy tasty
I'm thinking about how dumb my damn ex is. He really doesn't catch on to how much I really don't want him around. And now I have reason to believe he's stalking me....nothing good will come of this lol.


Kahnum of Outworld
I'm thinking that I'm going to love my day off tomorrow...and hate going back to work Friday.

Gee, I was almost happy there for a minute.


Yo bine de Kombate Mortal

Happy Birthday CCGirl!
Whatcha got planned for your big day?

My cousin is planning to take me to buy some green smoothies and my mom bought me a cheese cake!xD:p

CT:I wonder how it feels to be friends with spiderman...
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