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Third RE CGI Movie is called "Resident Evil: Vendetta"; targeted for 2017 release.


RE Mania



The animation studio Marza Animation Planet has confirmed this. Also apparently in one of action scenes Leon will be riding a Ducati Motorcycle. From Gematsu: "The company also announced a tie-in with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. In the “action-packed climax scenes” of the movie, Resident Evil franchise character Leon S. Kennedy will ride the Ducati’s newest series bike, the XDiavel"

Hahhaha, seriously??. Probably Leon will get the spotlight again and be cooler with the bike. Hoping for more survival horror theme though.
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Slade Wilson
Thats awesome !! I LOVE the first two (in-canon) CG films, especially Damnation was absolutely outstanding. Though while I like Leon, I think that these films should spotlight other RE characters too (I really want to see Chris and Jill in a CG film). I mean Leon already headlined the first two films. Still awesome news.

They will probably release the movie in 2017 along with RE 7 (Damnation was released alongside RE 6 in 2012 as well), which could also mean that Leon will be in RE 7 as well. But if Leon is in the film then they really have to put Ada in it too. Where there is Leon , there must be Ada (the only time she was not there when he was there was in RE Degeneration)


The King of Kings
That's some weird news to accompany the announcement of the title. Also, if that's really what Leon looks like in the movie, then I like how they're sticking to his Resident Evil 6 look. Hopefully they plan to be just as consistent with Chris in this movie and even better if they stick with this consistency in future games.
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Soram ~
I just heard the news !! yaay finally new movie ! I hope Jill and Claire will be confirmed later that they are gonna appear on this movie :3 but at least Rebecca will be on this one so yaaaaaaaaay ! hyped !


Slade Wilson
Yeah, a reliable source like Kotaku confirmed this. Anyway since this movie has real life motorcycle ad they could just put Claire riding it since Claire herself likes to ride.

oh yeah now I remember. Back then it was reported this was a "reboot" but I highly doubt that. Leon looks pretty much like after RE 6 in the image above. Don´t know where they get this reboot idea. I think this movie will just be part of the current canon like the first two and probably serve as tie in for RE 7.


ayşegül ϟ
I mean no offense but I have been all for Leon ever since I was like, 12 (the senior members of this site will know of my embarassing early teenhood...) and 8 years later nothing has changed :') I can't wait to be honest... I love him so much... ANYWAY Rebecca though...

*breathing as heavily as Claire in the post above lmao*


Stray Jedi
I am so freaking pumped for this movie. I got my fingers crossed that this will be the best one yet. I know it's uncommon for CGI films and that it's just wishful thinking. I'd love it to be a 2 hour film with a theatrical release.

The other two were great, but they were a little short. I feel that they could have added a little bit more substance to the film with even just an extra 10 minutes.


Goddess of the Dead
So there's a new CGI movie coming, but other than anything about the story, characters (besides Leon) or where it takes place in the RE timeline, the biggest news is that there will be a Ducati bike in it? That is... weird. (And Tomb Raider has done it before, just so you know, Capcom.)

Nevertheless, I'm still excited for this. I didn't like the first two CGI movies nearly as much as the games, but a lot better than the live-action movies, and I can't wait to see Chris and especially Rebecca.
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