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Third RE CGI Movie is called "Resident Evil: Vendetta"; targeted for 2017 release.


"Doth Mother Know You Weareth Her Drapes?"
LOL you haven't seen the Red Wedding then.
You would be correct. I stopped watching GoT halfway through season 2 and haven't gone back to it yet, though I will eventually get back to it. I hope :geek:


Goddess of the Dead
I finally got to watch Vendetta today, and despite a few dumb scenes, I enjoyed it. It's not super-duper amazing, but definitely my favourite out of the three CGI movies. The story is rather simple, we get to know the villain, his plans and motives within the first twenty minutes or so, and after that it's just a straightforward race against the clock to stop him, with no twists or turns along the way. It was great to see Rebecca again, she hasn't changed much, neither in terms of her hairstyle nor her role as the damsel in distress whose intelligence makes up for her lack of fighting skills. Her scenes with Chris also reminded me why I used to ship these two, but this time he seems to be more fond of touching her knee, rather than her shoulders like in the REmake.

Now on to the negatives: I couldn't possibly have cared less about the new BSAA buddies. Just like the S.T.A.R.S. members from the first game, we learned quite a bit about them beforehand, but none of it actually came into play at any point in the story. The BSAA's (and Leon's) disregard for each other's as well as the civilians' safety is also quite alarming - to avoid spoilers, I'll just say: Skyscrapers. And did they really have to recycle Chris's "I'm done with the world, pour me another drink" arc from RE6 for Leon? Maybe instead of coming up with unnecessarily elaborate back stories for pointless supporting roles that nobody likes anyway, the writers should give those to the important characters who have been trapped in a loop for a while now.

I would have enjoyed the movie more if the story had been a little more surprising, and if some better known characters from the games had fought alongside Chris instead of those three nobodies. But as I already said, I did enjoy it nevertheless.
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