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Show me your face


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[quote author=Nicholai link=topic=92.msg762#msg762 date=1194018998]
u're cute Sephi. Especially on the 2nd pic

Thanks ;D :eek:


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i'm just saying that..
i don't really mind if you laugh..
but if you don't, i appreciate that. thank you..


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ohhhh my god,am so cute.. 8)
my mom always say that one day i will walk on red carpet ::) :'(
the only problem is my "rasta" hair cut,girls hate it..
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Well, your pic don't work dude.
And, for the rasta hair cut, some girls like it, depend on how it's.


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stupid internet...
guys i admit it :-\,am too sexy.. thats why government cancelled the pic. it could damange your eye,brain and other part of ur body.. :-\
am so sorry
*what do you mean by other part* ???


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ummmmmmm, may I ask what the hell r u talking about!?!?!?!?!?!?! ??? ??? ??? If ur referering 2 me I'm not from afghanistan, what wuld make you think I am from afghanistan, I mean I don't even look like sum1 from afghanistan. WTF have u been smokin bud???


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[quote author=JP link=topic=92.msg837#msg837 date=1195075580]
That's just a joke man, practically everything on my myspace is not serious.
Maybe on your myspace. :D
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