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  • Indonesia is well known for its volcanoes and seismic activity, the Grasberg at Irian Jaya... I happen to be interested in geophysics also.
    How are your country recovering after the tsunami?
    Do you know anything about my country or this northern part of Europe? Few disasters happen here, so we are not so often in the world news..
    I always liked to study the world map, but I wouldn't really say I'm very familiar with those islands. But I do know where they are, yes. I know not much about Indonesia, but I do know that the capital is Jakarta, the population is about 230 millions and that you drive on the left side of the road. And a few other things. But the city of Bandung was unknown to me.
    Cheers mate! Sorry for the late response! I've had a nasty flippin' headache the past few days. :( Been playing a ton of Resident Evil 5 co-op, too.
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