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  • Heyy! How are you my fun and charming friend? :)
    I'm very good, at the moment reading different topics and stuff around here. Perhaps I see you on MSN again some time.
    Yeah you're right, Yeah she got "spend" all the time with Wesker lucky beetch! >:C.

    Man I really want that glitch LOL, wait a minute *goes to get a tissue* Ok I'm back, Pfft for Wesker who wouldn't be a perv? seriously haha XD
    *looking for fangirl swich* found it *flips it* everytime I think of him witout his shirt I always find myself with a little blood coming out of my nose lol! XD. His muscles, oh man his muscles, now I want to take a bite out of that cake *drools even more*
    oh well yeah I have but I want to see him topless I mean show some skin XD *drools*. (And yeah gotta agree he has a nice ass XD)I LOOOOOOVE his STARS uniform *fills compurer keyboard with drool*
    *shakes back* Gotta agree with his handsome face, but he actually never showed his body :( I want to see him topless (LOL what a pervert am I XD)
    hahaha Yeah taht's what everybody says, besides not ment to be rude but it wss pretty obious with all my fangirlism over Wesker lol XD, Don't blame you tho :)
    You wasn't rude, relax. I understand you and you're right. People would forget that other thread, and it would be a lot of unnecessary whining, and I thank you, you were right :p
    I left a 'leave note' on my profile, but maybe you wouldn't notice it. I'll be back in a very few days. See you later darlin'.
    yea i aware of that ,thank you.lol
    um do i know you?
    have you changed your name or something?
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