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What Are You Listening to?

Murderer Enshrined

Well-Known Member
I'm not really sure if I've ever posted this one, but if I have, well, here it is again :)

It's a great vid and song, as far as I'm concerned.....

It's from a movie..... but I've never seen the movie, but I'm sure it's quite good :)



"Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?"
Not usually a fan of bands going back and re-recording a hit single for a compilation (looking at you "Don't Stand So Close To Me '86"), but this one from Pink Floyd is pretty damn awesome. The newer recording makes the stereo field sound even wider than the original on a good pair of speakers.
The decay on the cymbals is just... oooh.


Murderer Enshrined

Well-Known Member
This is a song I posted in another thread, but this video appears to be an earlier version of the song, but it's still the same song and band:

If I've already posted this video version of the song elsewhere, I apologize, please, don't kill me. It's an honest mistake. And it is a great song. Can't beat it with a stick, as far as I'm concerned.
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