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Show me your face


G Virus Experiment
Super gingery indeed - but 100% Italian according to my Ancestry.com results. You figure that one out.

I talked with my fiance about Endor a good portion of the hike as well.

And I just noticed how the sunlight gets rid of my... hair? I assure you - I have more hair than in the photo. Slightly. lol


Sexually Active Member
Speaking of Endor! :lol: I got to go to Galaxy's Edge yesterday, say what you want about Disney but they did stunning work for the Star Wars section. The amount of detail is just... its just an experience to be there. Also Blue Milk is delicious.
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Such a cute moment!
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stupid internet...
guys i admit it :-\,am too sexy.. thats why government cancelled the pic. it could damange your eye,brain and other part of ur body.. :-\
am so sorry
*what do you mean by other part* ???
XD much Better than my excuse for having no idea how to add a picture using my phone.
just gonna change my profile picture if anyone wants to see me lol
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