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Show me your face


Kamen Rider
Dude, did u steal my shirt? I swear I have that exact same shirt :p



You can't kill me.
I honestly don't remember the last time I posted in this thread (it was probably a few years ago) so I apologize if you guys have seen any of these.

This is my half assed Rain cosplay that I did in Job Corps. In my defense I only made $25 a month there (yes you read that right lol) so I couldn't afford to do a proper cosplay. But I still liked it considering literally no money went into it.


And then just some random ones that I don't think I've posted here. Or it's been long enough hopefully nobody remembers :p


This is probably one of my favorite childhood photos:


I don't know why I tend to like blurry photos but whatever. As usual I had to include one with my husband :3



The King of Kings
Haven't actually had a new picture for eighteen months, but I managed to get a new one so I thought I'd share.

Even though it's been quite a while, I haven't really changed. :p

Was that your expression after playing Metroid: Samus Returns?


Well-Known Member
See?, i look like a F Hobo on a bike, and my face is deformed cuz of the sun punching me in the face.
See the girl?, that´s my friend Lola, i meet her one day when i was riding my bike downtown and since then we always meet on wednesdays to ride. All her friends hate me and look at me like i´m **** or something, both the girls and the boys, the girls don´t like me because i dont drive a lexus and i´m not in a big corportation and the boys simply don´t like my accent, they all look and behave like big spoiled babies anyway so is not like i´m missing out on anything but she´s cool, she´s about the only friend i have here. After riding we go and have cafe and talk about life and stuff. You could do the same :smile:

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