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Resident Evil 4 Remake First Impressions


The King of Kings
I hate speed running. I'm all the time fighting with every fiber of my body to not kill all enemies or to not pick every item and treasure. One of the things I like the most about pretty much every RE is to actually fight the monsters. Feels weird for me just running by most of them. I never liked speedrunning in any game. It's always a struggle for me (and I know some people just love to do that. It's alright. It's pretty much a 'me' thing)
Normally, I agree. I much prefer the more leisure 100%, kill, and explore everything playthroughs. But unlockables and achievements just really pushed me over into doing the speed runs and I actually really enjoy knowing all the little ways I can cut down on time and run through the game that I even end up using some of those strategies in my regular playthroughs.

There's just such a satisfying progression of skill that's just really cool to experience because of how transformative your approach to the game becomes. It's almost an entirely different game by the time you're speed running because the shock and horror of your first playthrough is no longer a factor, meanwhile, there's a different kind of horror going on in your head as you're trying to memorize the most optimal routes, strategies, and puzzle solutions while on the fly.

But after the initial challenge, I don't really see myself going back to speed running if there's nothing to gain from it, but I still do enjoy the amount of freedom allowed to the player to even be able to do such things. Which with Resident Evil 4's more linear design, was quite an impressive feat that made it feel more like Resident Evil despite how much the original and by extension, the remake, deviate from their roots.
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