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Resident Evil 5 bring back the t-virus


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am i the only person that is p***ed off that there are no zombies in resident evil any more. thats what the game is suposed to be about , re4 ruined the series of games and now this will be another dissapoinment


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[quote author=InfadaStone link=topic=801.msg19767#msg19767 date=1232013365]
I'd love to see some more zombies. It's what RE is all about.
[/quote]But, with zombies, and that weaponary, the game would be over with in 20 seconds.

And the speed of the zombies...

What's more exciting?
A Ganado jumping out at you from behind, having sprinted across the room.
Or, a shambling zombie trying to bite you?

It's all down to opinion :)
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