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Are the movies canon?

Are the movies canon?

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Ark;39479 said:
It's actually a term used to say a game/book/movie follows the storyline of said franchise. The movies (Besides Degeneration) are not canon, which means it has nothing to do with the story of the Resident Evil franchise.
Really? Thanks for telling.

I was sure "canon" meant super good. That's how we use the word.


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@Trinity, the novels seemed to follow the story more(although I haven't read them), but they had their fair share of changes too, including character's names, and other various pieces of backstory and such that Perry did to make the novels that much more of her own.:)

The movies probably wouldn't be considered so bad hadn't we had the RE games first...

I can just appreciate the movies for what they are.:) *I bet someone is going to respond to my last sentence, "for what they are", they are crap*...


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Trinity;43265 said:
Well..they are kind of..crappy :)

Are they crappy because they don't follow the game's preset story, or are they crappy because they have bad acting, or terrible plot, or what would usually make a movie not any good?

I think that if it is the first, well Anderson tried to make the movies just like another game, he even decided that a prequel would be best, great so far, but of course RE0 came out and explained what happened before, and what started the whole outbreak in Arklay(much better, needless to say), so his stuff was pretty much scrapped at that point, and he had no choice but to continue to make them his own, and make them different from the games.:)

If it is the second, well I think it is safe to say that the first movie had an awesome score from Marco Beltrami & Marlyn Manson, and some really great scene(laser scene, Cerberus scene, etc.), and of course the whole Red Queen thing was cool too, with the performances from the actors being pretty great in my opinion.:)


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The music and scenery of the first movie were for a straight A+,the plot was also pretty decent,but it all pretty much went downhill from there.


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Trinity;43282 said:
The music and scenery of the first movie were for a straight A+,the plot was also pretty decent,but it all pretty much went downhill from there.

That is exactly what I have been saying, I have always loved the first one, it was after that one that they brought in game characters and mixed plots up with it's own junk, that is when it started to bug me, but I still thought Apocolypes was enjoyable, it had it's moments, but I cannot really think of anything redeeming to say about Extinction...


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To an extent, and a very low extent. I love the movies with all my heart, but the games are totally different. That was pretty much Paul Anderson's vision. And please, no wise cracks. -offers fist-


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What I think is interesting is that the story for the first movie I think it was, was written by Flagship; which also wrote the story for Resident Evil 1 and 2.


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live-action: noooo!

The CGI-movies are canon. They are even mentioned in RE.net's chronology.
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