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  • I have a ton of stuff and what I don't have I can more then likely get for ya. Main thing I have many people have been asking for is the Heavy Rain DLC, whats your psn name? =)
    Hi! Thank you for inviting me to the "Joining the B.S.A.A." group, but I'm afraid I don't know anything about BSAA. I have enough with the forum discussions, so I don't think I should join more groups now. Sorry.
    jolly good, haha aww, your sweet. i dont mind woh i be friends with, aslong if they are nice and friendy and send nice messege. like yourself:).
    yup, :), afrid i am. it sucks really lol. i wanna be 19 agina. dame it, o well. as life gos on. are you, kool. ^.^. thats better then being 20. lol
    hiyaz, yeah not 2 mad thanks. i just finish a day of college, yay lol. 4 more to go lol. and half tream . yay, even better.
    Try loading it again. It must be the source where you are uploading it up to. Try using imageshack.us and put the forum code on here. It should work.
    What kind of attachment are you trying to put it as exactly? Sorry my brain is a little slowed down tonight haha. Sugar crash. Perhaps it has to do with the size of your file. You're only given a certain size limit to attach.
    hiyas :). thnaks for the request, i see that im ur friend all ready. so how are you. like ur pics
    You have to bribe the webmaster, the first ranks are cheap but they get more and more expensive!

    Haha just kidding, here, have a look at this post I posted. It doesn't tell the full truth, but it tells everything that is known so far. As Steve (the webmaster) says in one of the later posts, there are some secret ranks that has yet to be unlocked.
    Hi and welcome. I saw your introduced yourself in valentine_day's thread, why don't you make your own thread - it would be less confusing. :)
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