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  • Hi mate. You did fine, our kid. We won didn't we?! :p I wish I had my mic plugged in now coz there were times when I was thinking... "I hope he doesn't think I'm trying to nick that second base...", "I don't know if he needs this achievement...", "Does he mind me skipping the cutscenes" and some other stuff. I tried to unlock a few skulls and locate the black boxes as we went along as well.

    Sorry about dashing off as well!

    Any who, if you fancy playing again tomorrow then I'd definitely be well up for it. We stormed through the first four or five missions and I'm really looking forward to finishing the rest with ya. =]
    strikesback5 says he has replied to your PM's on the other site, just to pass on the message.
    Ooh - college. Loved college, I did. What will you be doing there? Anything good?
    Hi! :D

    Things are pretty good, thank you. I'm eating Steve's birthday cake at the moment (if he catches me I'm a dead woman) and I'm wondering if I ought to leave him any of it :lol:

    How are you?
    It was originally a design of a sparrow, but I worked with the artist to have it looking really funky and abstract. I've posted pics of them in the 'Show me your Face' thread (seems I've interpreted it as 'show me your feet') :p Haha
    Hi hun!

    I'm doing good, thanks. I actually got my tattoos finished yesterday, so a little bit sore, but other than that I'm doing good. :) How about yourself?
    Yeah i'm good dude i dunno its a friday night so i'm sure its going to involve shenanigans lol i assume your doing likewise or more a quiet man?:p
    Sorry for the late reply. I'm "enjoying" school right now. I got a haircut last night and all of my hair is gone....
    Hi mate. I bet you're an absolute pro compared to me! I've been playing RTS games since way-back-when and I have yet to master a single one of 'em! Micro management was never my strong point. :(

    If you're online later on, or tomorrow, would you be interested in playing a few co-op campaign games? If so, what difficulty would you feel most comfortable with? I'd be happy to give you a hand unlocking some achievements too if you fancy.
    Hi mate! Just thought I'd say a quick hello! :D

    I also wanted to enquire as to whether you got round to purchasing that copy of Halo Wars - the offer is still there is you fancy teamin' up for some co-op campaign or matchmaking!
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