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  • That's cool. I don't care for games on PC, but using a Ps controller or 360 even, that would make them at least playable. I can't use the mouse & keyboard combo.
    Yeah, only a few have seen it yet, but all the comments have been good.

    That intro is just timeless, never gets old. I did love the way that scene was masterfully remade though, in the REmake.
    Cool, thanks.:) I actually copied your post(via editing), and posted it on the other forum I go onto, I thought they would enjoy it too, and of course I mentioned that you made it, and thanked you for your hard work.

    While none of those people in RE1 were any good, voice acting or live-action, they all still have a place in my heart.:)
    Awww I hope you get better! Yeah I love the rain for some reason, but noo this one was crazy and it was raining really hard. The parking lots were like a big river or a lake, that's how much it rained. Hmm maybe you might have some allergies. It's 9:35 pm over here and I know I won't be able to sleep for awhile since I took a nap.
    Ahh I see. Yes we had thunderstorms for the past two days here and it flooded people's basements. I'll definately go check it out. :)
    That's nice to hear! My days are going by rather slow and quick at the same time. It's almost the end of summer! And it's so hot over here. :S
    Hei Hauge!
    Så tråden din vedr. en grafikkseksjon, det får bli opp til webmasteren som er Steve. De er for tiden uten fast nettforbindelse, det skal legges nye kabler der de bor. Så det kan ta noe tid før du får svar.
    Samtidig la jeg merke til signaturen din, den er betydelig større enn tillatt. Jeg anbefaler at du beskjærer den fete rammen rundt den, da er det mulig at den blir innenfor grensen. :)
    Se reglene, start gjerne med kunngjøringen som du ser øverst i hvert forum. Der er det link til reglene.

    Redigert 20.02.2011 fordi de tre siste bokstavene i det norske alfabetet hadde blitt til koder...
    Nope..I didn't really have any plans for yesterday lol. I stayed home and played video games :lol: I'm not even sure I have any plans for today either..besides going to dinner with my family hahaha.
    Mental speedjunkies xD Yes I have one of those myself :lol: Her name is Panini...like the sandwich hahaha. :p The sun isn't even up yet in my neck of the woods lol. I'ts 5:40am here.
    You type [ Spoiler ] message [ /spoiler ]. Just without the space between.
    Yeah, they're like talking phone books. You call and ask for a number, where someone is located at or the nearest fast food place in your area and they can tell you where it's at. ;)

    Yeah NY just doesn't have a good rep...actually, from what I know the entire norhtern part of the country doesn't really have a good rep for that sort of thing. Besides, I'm a small town girl, I'd probably get lost. :lol:

    Wow, that sounds so exciting. Do you have any relatives/friends over here that you'd be staying with or to show you around?

    Plans for the day...well today is the shopping day and I'll go darken up my tan...my brother is supposed to be getting in touch with his friend so that I can get another tattoo...I guess I'm a little busier than usual but not much. :lol:

    It's okay, my name is Shanna. :D What's yours?
    Yeah but, even though we live so close to the coast, we hardly ever get hurricanes. Tornados? Yeah, maybe. Hurricanes? I can remember one really bad one that actually hit this far into the main-land but other than that, they usually just hit the coast.

    Oh don't worry about it, most people don't know. The only reason I do is that my brother works for one of those 411 companies that find stuff for people, so he knows all sorts of different area codes and things like that. ;)

    Yeah, the US is pretty cool but I don't really think it's the US I like, I think it's the South. The South is just much more different than places like New York, or so I've heard. People are so friendly and we speak to random people on the street that we don't even know. :lol: My mom actually got into a thirty minute long conversation in one of our local stores with a woman she didn't even know about tomatoes! :lol: But even if New York had a better reputation for being friendly, there are certain foods that I've gotten used to that you can't get anywhere but the south. ;)

    Will it be the first time you've ever been to New York?

    :lol: I'm glad you had a good time.
    :lol: I hear that.

    I guess you may be onto something, a lot of people say I'm strong. *shrugs*

    I'm not sure, it's building up off the shore of the Caribbean right now and there's chance it'll hit the East coast but no one's sure yet.

    You know, it's a shame that I only live a few states from Florida and don't know what it's called down there either. :lol: I do know that it's actually not actually in Orlando, though. It's in a small place right next to Orlando but since Orlando's bigger, it gets all the credit. ;)

    Have fun with your friends, just try not to drink so much you're in mondo hangover territory this time. :lol: j/k
    Well I'm glad the mondo headache you must have woken up with was worth it. That makes everything all better. :p :lol:

    I thought it would and I'm sure that my parents did too but I've gotten over it. Doesn't mean I won't freak out when there's a tornado warning/watch but I'm at least able to keep my cool during thunderstorms now. :lol: They're actually talking about the possibility of a hurricane coming our way but it's just speculation right now.

    Besides the hurricane forecast? Fine. :lol: A little bored but it's nothing I can't handle.

    How are you? Over the worst hangover you've ever had yet? :lol:

    Thanks for the friend request, btw. ;)
    :lol: I know what you mean. I was in the third grade when this really bad storm hit and we had to go to the office for safety reasons but our classrooms weren't connected to the main building so we had to run outside and, though I didn't see one on the ground, seeing a funnel cloud is just as bad, I assure you. Especially for a third grader who was then immediately locked up in a dark room with no windows with a bunch of other kids for hours until the storm was over. I was scared of any type of rain-storm for years after that. :lol:

    It's okay, I understand. It has to be good to be home but after a while, you'll probably want to be back out on the ocean, right?

    Lots of drinking, huh? Am I to assume then that you had the biggest welcome back party ever? :lol:
    No, you explained it fine, I think I understand anyway. :D (And I appreciate you taking the time to humor me. Most guys would probably just be like: "Why explain it to a girl, she won't know what I'm talking about anyway." :lol: )

    Wow, is everyone from Norway too or is there just a whole mix of different people on the ship?

    NC's pretty nice, very slow-paced and friendly. The weather here is awful, though. The heat is so miserable, you will sweat doing nothing; all I have to do is sit around and I'm sweating but that's how NC is. In the winter it's seriously cold and in the summer it's ridiculously hot, there is no in between. :lol: Lately we've been getting serious thunderstorms and tornado warnings/watches but it seems like nothing will cool things off.
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