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  • I haz jet lag. And I have not travelled, I just have a bad habit with sleeping at different times. :p My body clock doesn't always know what time zone it is. lol
    I'm okay thanks. Just a bit bored because I'm too lazy to actually do something fun. Didn't sleep too well lol.
    On top of the forum page, click "Quick Links" on the bar. Choose "Edit Signature" in the dropdown menu.

    The spoiler tags works just like quote tags, you start with [ spoiler] and close the tag with [/spoile r]. Without the spaces of course.

    See the new rules for size limit, there's information and link to the new rules in the announcement you see above the threads in every forum.

    I'm happy to assist. :)
    I don't think you've been here a lot lately, and as you probably have noticed by now we have new rules on signatures. So I'm afraid you'll have to put some of it in spoiler tags. :(
    Lol you'd probably be great as either of them! :D
    Is MetroCon a convention? A dedicated RE convention perhaps?
    Thanks. :)
    Are you taking online classes? But you do actually go to the college also, or what?
    Why don't you take a degree on zombies and ganados, you could study online here at REN. :p
    Hi! How is college? Do you like it? I'm okay thanks, except that I've been to very tired lately. I wonder if it's because of my allergy meds.
    Darling I miss you! Have you forgot how nice and lovely this place is? ;)
    What pets do you have? And do you really scrap boats?
    I have to smile when I look at your avatar. Who is that girl? She looks too innocent to be innocent. I bet she's a really bad girl lol.
    And is that bald head in your profile picture a zombie?
    Can't you ask your friends, it must be nice knowing why they gave you the name.

    I added you. I hope it's okay. :)
    Lol, I wasn't sure if it was Jill and I just took a chance. :p I don't know Rebecca yet. It looks nice anyway.
    Your name reminds me of Hawaii, a place I would love to visit.
    Nice to meet you. :)
    Hello! Your sig image of that woman (Jill?) is super nice. :D (A pity it's not a little bigger with higher resolution.)
    You're name implies that you're a woman? Sounds like a female name to me, but I'm not sure. :)
    Welcome to the movie project! :)

    It doesn't have to be a webcam.
    actually, a normal Camera is preferred since the picture will be better.

    Example: You are a civillian who sees zombies outside your window (if you want zombies in your scene(s), REMEMBER the zombie rules, what they can and can't do. this is gonna be a realistic movie) and grabs a camera to film them, while screaming out how weird all this is. That would make for a quite good scene.
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