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Darkside Chronicles What do you think of this game?


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While UC added more to the overall RE lore (like what Wesker was doing after RE0 and RE1, how Ada escaped Raccoon City and the whole 'End of Umbrella'-ark), I still think DC is the better game.
It's retelling of RE2 was great, as was Operation Javier. The retelling of CV was good too but too short and sadly left too much out.

The retellings of RE1 (Barry should have been included) and especially RE3 in UC were awful. Also, Ada's escape and the 4th Survivor would probably make more sense to be included alongside the RE2 retelling.

I'm still sad that Ada's escape wasn't included as a bonus scenario in the RE2 remake. Hopefully it'll be included with the 3make.

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I personally love the chronicles one, they really manage to recreate the atmosphere of the original game and add many new content... I also like all the unlckable and secret

I personally think That darkside chronicles did a better job in remaking re 2 story than the remake itself, i also love the fact that it use orchestral remade music of the original game, something remake 2 should have made


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I think darkside is better than umbrella.

It feels more fun to play, feels improved from umbrella in many ways and feels more focused.

Darkside recreates re2 and recv better than umbrella does for re0, remake and re3.

There are more episodes for re2 and recv in darkside than umbrella have for re0, remake and re3.

There are less weapon options in darkside compared to umbrella but despite that; the gameplay feels more focused since the way upgrading is done feels improved from umbrella's weird stars method. Plus being able to improve handguns while being able to see reload animation for the weapons is another nice thing.

Storywise though; umbrella feels more important for lore than darkside due to umbrella's end.

Not to mention, umbrella has extra episodes for the game's main stories which are canon.

Plus umbrella is narrated by wesker while darkside is narrated by leon. So another reason why umbrella feels more important.

There's even a manga for umbrella and chris / jill encounter wesker there. ( Before re5 lin. ) Chris also mentions this at the end with " Yeah, he's still out there. " response.

Though ı think umbrella has more missed potentials for story than darkside.

I feel like umbrella's destruction could have been done better.

Like ı think nicholai, carlos and hunk should have been in umbrella's end scenarios.

I mean; umbrella's end scenario only has one extra scenario pair while arklay and raccoon have 3 and 2 extra scenario pairs.

There could have been more scenario pairs for umbrella's end scenario.

Another thing is umbrella chronicles has a novel ( Grey-canon ) and it has some extra plot info.

I think some of those info ( Like the captain of pabs, wesker selling the perfected t-virus on the black market to create an age of bioterrorism etc. ) included in the novel could have been fleshed out better in the game or its files.
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