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Darkside Chronicles What do you think of this game?


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Hi, I was just wondering what You guys think of this game. To be honest I fairly do enjoy it, I do get bored from time to time but I do fairly enjoy it. I love the Racoon City missions, definitely my favourite missions.


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I think the Chronicles games as a WHOLE are some of the best entries into the series. There are some very cool unlockables. The Weapon upgrade system is great. And, in my opinion, you feel closer to the characters in them.


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I was pleased to see this game implement reload animations as opposed to the unrealistic "you can't see your character's hands while they reload" process.

Patrick Wilfong

Steve Picks LLC
this game was enjoyable, but there were a few issues I had with it. My wife wanted to play with me when i was fight alexia, and let me tell you this... 2 player is usually fun, but when you spend the whole game saving up on ammo for a fight you will definitely need it in... it SERIOUSLY sucks when your player 2 wastes all of your ammo due to inexperience... :( haha but otherwise, no real complaints XD


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One of the best games on the Wii in my opinion. From the time they announced UC, I was really hoping you could free-roam, even if it was still mission-based. So that's one setback in that I wish it was off-rails instead. But, as an on-rails shooter, and a pretty gorgeous game for the system it was released on, you'll be hard-pressed to find better.


Lovely Claire Redfield
I really love the game, it's better the Umbrella Chronicles however I do find it quite frustrating and annoying, even if you aren't a fan of Resident evil, it's still very enjoyable if you're just a fan of rail shooters
I think Umbrella Chronicles was better just for the fact that the camera dosen't move constantly. It's soo hard to aim in Darkside. Anyway both great games.


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As a fan of arcade games like Time Crisis, House of the Dead, etc I really enjoyed it. As a Resident Evil game I still liked it, probably rank it in the middle of all of the games.


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I just started playing it yesterday (I'm know, I'm a little late to the party), so I'm not that far into it, but I have to say, from the little I've played so far, it's a lot better than Umbrella Chronicles

black 93

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I enjoy the chronicles games, but i prefer umbrella just because the camera is your worst enemy in darkside. The enemies are easier and headshots are easier to pull off in darkside, but that camera... Jeez. It's not unplayable like some reviews made it out to be, but trying to find secret files and stuff is harder because in darkside your character is either tripping up, getting blown up, sprinting or dodging something. Umbrella is slower but you feel a lot more in control.


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Capcom employed an uncontrollable camera for Darkside Chronicles because the company's intent was to have greater emphasis of horror than Umbrella Chronicles; love it or hate it, the uncontrollable camera of Darkside Chronicles, was essentially a first-person styled throwback to the stationary third-person camera of BH: Zero, BH1 remake, BH2, and BH3: Last Escape/Nemesis.
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Cure Zombrex

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A bit too shooter-ish for me, I guess, but I liked the original chapter with Leon and Krauser, and the bad guy's daughter. It would have been better if it hadn't been a rail shooter, or whatever you label these type of games. That has never suited this series much. The remake segments were pretty bland, but I wasn't really interested in those at all.


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It would have been better if it hadn't been a rail shooter, or whatever you label these type of games. That has never suited this series much

This is Biohazard series we're talking about. It has always been a multigenre series. If people dislike a rail-shooter adaptation as "out of place" for this series, it's those people who are wrong & not the adaptation.

Cure Zombrex

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I liked the original story with Leon and Krauser in South America, but the remade scenarios were forced and didn't capture the splendour of those in the original games. However, since the first game omitted 2 and CVX, I can understand why they added them in.

Nero Sparda

Finished the game yesterday; I think it's a really fun spinoff. Liked the retelling sections most as well as Claire being my favourite character in this game; I think RE2 section is the best and its story and ending is way better than RE2 Remake's. RECV section is good but I don't like how they changed Alexia's personality as well as removing the confrontation between Chris and Wesker; that was really important in RECV. Main section is ok; Manuela is a cool character with T-Veronica powers and I like how the game explores Krauser and makes it connect well to RE4. ( Really wished it happened in RE4 though. ) Other than that, nothing really that special. Camera is really annoying though and I wasn't a big fan of the difficulty of Krauser's special episodes.


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Yes Nero Sparda - just what I thought too. The game is a fun retelling, but there is too much information lacking and edited for it to be great. Of course, the game would be WAY too long if they added every single event in.

And I liked the original story with Krauser and Manuela - but I feel like Umbrella Chronicles had a deeper lore connection where as this felt more like a side story event. I loved the game though and would love to play again.
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