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Resident Evil: Village This is not a Resident Evil game

Teen Tyrant

The Master Debater
So, if we get "The Last of Us Part 3" and there is a file in the game that establishes an in-universe connection to Resident Evil, does that make The Last of Us a Resident Evil game?
No. A mere file doesn’t establish a connection, because we know how much game developers like to leave nods and Easter eggs in games as a joke; it would need be something more concrete, like a major character from the RE series existing in the LoU series, or a major event from RE directly impacting something or someone in LoU. Also, establishing a connection between the two is now impossible due the fungus from LoU reducing the world to post-apocalyptic conditions in 2013, while the RE series is already well past that point with that not having happened, so any mention of either series occurring in the same universe at this point would merely be the devs having fun making a reference to either series.

The argument is so dumb that I'm tired of debating it.

Then why are you debating it? Better yet, why did you start the debate by posting this thread? You don’t get to be tired of it now.
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