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The Leaving/Returning Thread


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I did not come back on the forum anyway because I am new, although I have ever read with you. I decided that I will also share what I have because a lot has happened. She forced me to do something that changed the situation, to a situation where things have changed and it is wrong not so bad. Dinners at my mother's are something I missed for 5 years. Now I am going back, you are going to start a new job and I am looking for a new apartment to make a normal life of my life. Sitting at my parents' house is fun, but it is not a solution that would fully satisfy me. My one-person family has grown with a new member - a German Shepherd, with whom I live quite interestingly. You have to arrange it a bit because it is quite unruly but I think that everything will go well

Soul Fist

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Well somehow I didn't know why I left for a year, but I am back. Besides there are a lot of stuff going on for Resident Evil, so I thought it's a good idea to talk about them with the community.

Outrage, the movie and a lot.

Leon S Kennedy

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Heyy I'm back after about 10 years! I made this account in 2009 and using it a lot for a few months, then I returned in 2011 for around a day and then left again, now I'm back in 2021 mainly just to go on a nostalgia trip and cringe at my old posts haha


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Officially back. I've been cycling through severe social anxiety, flat out paranoid delusions, and some semblance of calm, and I'm back at calm so I thought I'd drop in and see what was up. My communication style, even on good days, has become sort of just "lurk" so even if I'm silent for a while I probably have not actually disappeared lol


"Doth Mother Know You Weareth Her Drapes?"
Well, I haven't been round these parts for a hot minute :D
Had a lot of personal life stuff get ahead of me, but I'm back and will try to pop in as often as I can.

Teen Tyrant

The Master Debater
Been almost a year, but the Tyrant is back in town. Been very busy and went through the most awful, emotionally crushing time of my life, but felt it was time to return.
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