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Resident evil infinite darkness

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I don't understand why every new RE game and CG film keeps wanting to do brand new self contained stories that have very little impact on the overall plot of the series.

They started SO many different plotlines in the early games and have since decided to forget about them in favor of just making every new game or film be YET ANOTHER self contained Bio Terrorist attack with little to no overarching plot.

It gets old really fast when you see Leon and Claire for the 30th time together, yet they are still stuck in a time warp of "Bad **** happens around us yet again but we never actually move forward in any meaningful way."

I used to be deeply invested in the characters and plot of the series. But lately I've just started to lose interest because the plot has just become so stagnated.

There used to be an overarching plot with connected corporations and villains and things building up to a climax.

Now it's just constant one-off random nobody villains in self contained stories with paper thin connections to anything else and just more and more "Bio-Terrorist attack in [Insert whatever Country is the Pick of the Week].

It's just not "fun" anymore.

And don't get me started on the CG films and their fetish for making the random nobody villains into really ugly and bulky looking Talking Tyrants now as well......


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@Wasker1995 To be honest, the RE series has never really had that much of an overarching plot, not even the first three games. Each one is very self-contained and isn't specifically a direct sequel that carries one plot to another. Take RE2 for example, even though it's clearly set in the aftermath of RE1 it's a completely original story with new characters and settings. Code Veronica is probably the closest thing we have to a direct sequel in the classic era, but it still chose to focus on a new type of virus with a new setting. And at the end of the day, CV ironically also becomes a "one-off random nobody villains in self contained stories with paper thin connections to anything else and just more and more "Bio-Terrorist attack in [Insert whatever Country is the Pick of the Week]." Sure, you had Albert Wesker in CV but he added absolutely nothing to the plot and you could delete him from the story and the game would work just fine.

I'm not trying to defend the poor story choices or continuity errors in later games, I'm just saying that the series couldn't get stuck in Raccoon City or deal with the same type of outbreak forever. Besides, overarching plots is more of film/TV thing, it's very rarely seen in video games. And although I'm fully aware of the fact that we're discussing the obvious self-contained plot of a TV show right now, it's still set in the universe of a video game series. Surely I would love to watch a RE film series with an interesting overarching plot but that will probably never happen.


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I take back everything I said about this series before watching it.


Jesus, man... This was one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Weak and rushed plot, terrible dialogue, mediocre and stiff animation, illogical time jumps, not to mention that the decision to make a 4-episode series where each episode is 25 minutes each isn't justifiable. This could've easily been a 1.30 hour long movie without all the reused flashbacks. It would've still been a horrible film, but at least it would've been a bit more coherent.

The trailers made the show look way more interesting and badass than it really is. What ****es me off the most is how rushed and badly written the plot is. It's as if the writers just wrote down some pieces of dialogue interactions between some characters without deciding where those interactions takes place, and then they just threw in some pointless and rushed action in-between since they needed these characters go from point A to point B - yet they didn't know why and how. The submarine part is easily the worst of them all and it just comes off as filler action for the sake of action without moving the plot forward - you're introduced to a new type of monster, the mutated rats that grow out of zombie's stomachs, yet they're never seen again.They also have some other interesting ideas that are brought up and then immidiately ditched, such as keeping an infected person alive through medication after 5 years in an hospital bed only to kill him off in the same scene. Yikes.

I've never seen Leon being more bored than he is shown in this series. He's basically yawning his way through every scene as if he's somehow meta-consciously tired of Capcom shoehorning him into every RE film project. Claire is probably the only decent part of this show, but she is under-utilized and, for better or worse, somehow makes it into the final showdown even though there was no reason at all for her to be brought there other than "well she's a main character from the games so she must be there so she and Leon can have a cutsy awkward scene together".

Also, if I took a shot for everytime the villian Jason talks about "fear" in this series I'd be in serious need of gastric pumping.

This show gets a 1/10 from me. Not really sure what they were thinking when making this. It feels like a bad, unfinished leftover script from 2006 that never got greenlighted because it was weak even to Capcom's standard. Until RE2 remake was released and Capcom realized they could bank on Leon+Claire again. It's ironic given how little screentime Leon and Claire actually share together in this show.

Do. Not. Recommend.
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